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How Do You Permanently Underarm Sweat Treatment?

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Underarm Sweat Treatment: Sweating is a healthy natural process that ensures normal thermoregulation of the body. When sweat evaporates, it cools the body, protecting people from overheating and heat stroke.

Normally, a person sweats continuously. Even at rest and in low air temperatures, people release about 500 ml of sweat daily. Drops of sweat on the body become visible when the rate of sweating is higher than the rate of evaporation. This usually happens when it’s hot and humid, during exercise, or in stressful situations. However, other circumstances can cause profuse sweating. The availability of underarm sweat treatment can help in getting rid of sweating.

In this article, we’ll discuss the main causes of increased sweating and possible solutions to the problem.

What is Excessive Sweating?

Sweating is not subject to a person’s conscious will, but the autonomic nervous system (ANS) can control it. When the ANS detects an increase in body temperature or ambient temperature, it sends a signal to the hypothalamus, the main center of thermoregulation of the body. The hypothalamus processes the information received and transmits a nerve impulse to the sweat glands: the sweat ducts begin to contract intensively, absorb moisture from the surrounding tissues and throw it out.

At the same time, sweat is odorless – 99% of it consists of water, and the rest is salt and proteins. But the secretion produced by the glands creates a breeding ground for bacteria that cause odor.

Since a person only sometimes can shower immediately after he sweats, the number of bacteria and waste products increases. Therefore, the more intense the sweating and the longer a person doesn’t take any measures, the faster the smell will appear and the more unpleasant it’ll be.

Methods to Getting Rid of Sweaty Armpit Permanently

People who have hyperhidrosis struggle only with the symptoms of the disease. They minimize physical activity, try eliminating odors with deodorants and perfumes, or completely limit communication with others to reduce psychological stress. But fighting outward symptoms won’t cure the disease. Medical treatment for hyperhidrosis includes the following techniques:

  • External Use: This includes ointments and deodorants with medicinal ingredients such as salicylic acid, aluminum chloride, etc.
  •  Cosmetology Procedures: These are botulinum toxin type A injections into the problem area and iontophoresis.
  •  Surgical Intervention: Removal of sweat glands, underarm liposuction, or suppression of the nerve trunk to block impulses from the central nervous system to the sweat glands.

Armpit Botox Injections

Botox blocks the transmission of nerve impulses in the treated area. Through this, the skin becomes smooth due to the cessation of the activity of the muscle fibers adjacent to it. In the same way, it neutralizes the activity of the cells of the sweat glands. An injection session completely suppresses sweating for 4-6 months. And for several more months, you’ll much reduce it. Thanks to this, you can come to the procedure once a year. To avoid painful sensations, you can preliminarily apply an anesthetic cream.


Place the hands or feet in water for 20-30 minutes, through which an electric current is passed. But it’s so weak that the patient feels no painful sensations. Iontophoresis is possible both in the cosmetology center and at home. Usually, the course of treatment consists of 10 sessions, carried out with a 2-3 day break. Nevertheless, the procedure has an effect, and experts recommend it as the first stage of treatment. The only drawback is almost zero results when working with armpits.

Microwave Therapy

In various countries, hyperhidrosis is possible with the innovative miraDry system. This device uses microwave energy on the sweat glands, which destroys them. Reviews speak of an effective result. However, there are many reports of serious side effects in the form of headaches and partial numbness of the limbs.

Laser Treatment

This is a less traumatic type of curettage. Through small punctures, the surgeon inserts a long thin tube under the skin, at the end of which there is a neodymium laser emitter, through which the doctor targets the sweat glands. They heat up and break down. The main disadvantage of this operation is its low efficiency. For the final result, 3-4 sessions are necessary, provided the rehabilitation period after each one takes about 1 week. In addition, in the first days after the procedure, you should wear a special compression bandage and limit your physical activity.

Armpit Liposuction

Some experts suggest this operation as one of the methods to cope with local hyperhidrosis in the armpits. Liposuction can reduce sweating during the removal of fatty tissue. It eliminates the sweat glands. That is, approximately the same thing happens with curettage. During liposuction, the surgeon more or fewer damages the nerve endings. If the nerves responsible for activating the sweat glands are damaged, it partially disturbs the sweating. But one cannot count on the durability of the result of such an operation.

Wrapping Up!

Underarm Sweat Treatment: The tips above will help you choose the right method to eliminate sweaty armpits. Various dermatologists help in providing services related to removing hyperhidrosis. However, ensure you’re hiring a professional skin clinic in Canberra to complete the procedure. The more likely you depend on a skilled doctor, the higher your chances of getting a better result.


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