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How do you know if your video is made for kids or not?

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If you’re a content creator or thinking about creating content for YouTube and any other platform, you need to make sure your targeted audience is well determined.

YouTube has published policies for content particularly composed for children or elders. One can’t play “made for kids” videos in the mini-player, or save them to a playlist, or even like or dislike them. Videos all over YouTube for kids help in teaching different languages and words from Hindi e.g. Samiksha meaning to Arabic Nadir meaning. 

If you are wondering what was the need behind categorizing the audience? 

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act:

The reason behind making all the policies regarding kid’s online safety and making sure they watch protected content is due to COPPA.

Children all over the world were able to watch harmful or not suitable content, but with this policy, they are limiting the audience to the targeted content. Now you can specify each video when you upload it to the YouTube channel, it observes and categorizes your content to its respective category. If you’re looking for Samiksha meaning, then it is a Hindi or Sanskrit origin name which means analysis. It is a cool idea for a girl name. You can learn these types of things on YouTube.

Categorizing the video:

When you’re uploading a new video on YouTube, you’ll be asked. if your video is made for kids and not, please be certain while choosing this category because it will determine in the audience. At the upload screen, scroll down to the ”audience” category and choose your preference.

Are you looking for Indian girl names and what they mean? Samiksha’s meaning is analysis. This kind of content comes under elder content and not for kids.

Determining your viewers:

If your video is for people under 13 years old, your videos are made for kids. Most videos that are made for kids are rhymes, poems, cartoons, nursery rhymes, animated content, phonics videos, and counting. If your targeted audience is teenagers over the age of 13, then your tapes are ”not made for kids’

Movies, songs, blogs, or cooking shows hosted on YouTube are not for kids until mentioned specifically for a video. Name meanings are available all over the Internet, Samantha meaning is an analysis, it is an Indian name with 3 syllables.

On the other hand, if your video includes common children’s entertainment or exercises, it may be for children or as COPPA says child-directed.

What Features Are Restricted on “made for kids “?

Restrictions like disabling comments on children’s videos were applied to everyone. It also restricts mini-player for kid’s videos and like or dislike options. It affects in monetization for content creators.


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