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How Do You Inculcate Good Habits in Preschoolers?

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It can be difficult to know how to raise a child and instil good habits in them. You can do many things as a parent that will help your preschooler grow up with the skills they need for later life. A child’s education is one of the most important parts of their life. Parents often overlook preschool in India, but it can have a huge impact on your child’s future success.
This blog will discuss ten ways to improve your child’s habits in the early stages and give you tips for being an involved parent in the process.

  1. Teach Them How to Manage Their Own Time
    Most preschool kids are pretty good at following specific directions, but when it comes to managing their time, they need your help. Help your child set a timeline such as “we’ll read books for 15 minutes and then play with blocks”. Check-in with them periodically and remind them that these are the rules. Eventually, they will learn how to do this on their own and become more independent learners.
  2. Teach Them How to Take Turns
    Preschool kids must learn to share and take turns with others. This is a great skill that will help them as they grow up! If your child loves playing with some toys, teach them that they need to take turns. If you are playing with your child on the trampoline, teach them how to ask others politely if they can jump with you for a turn.
  3. Give Them Opportunities to Create
    Children learn best through play and by doing things themselves. At the playground, have them pick out their favourite toy to play with or let them help cook dinner by pouring water into a pot. Ask them what they would like to do today and help them create a plan for what they would like to do. The more you allow your preschooler to create and participate in daily activities, the more successful they will be in school later on.
  4. Read Books Together
    Preschoolers need to be read to daily. Ask them what book they would like you to read and sit down with them for a little bit every night before bedtime. Make it a routine that is fun and relaxing! When you look for an online preschool in India for your child, make sure you choose a school with reading time during the day.
  5. Teach Them How to Be Kind to Others
    If your child is playing with others, they must learn how to be kind and play fair with them! This is another skill that will serve them well in school later on in life, so take the time now to teach your preschooler how to be a kind friend. During play, make sure you pay attention and remind your child if they aren’t playing fairly with the other kids.
  6. Encourage Them to Learn New Skills
    For them to do well academically, later on, preschoolers must learn as many new skills as possible. Play games with them that challenge their memory and problem-solving abilities, such as Simon Says. When they play outdoors, teach them how to throw a ball or ride a bike. The more you encourage your child’s curiosity and growth now, the better off they will be later on in life.
  7. Include Them in Daily Chores
    Preschoolers love to help around the house. Show them how to sweep a floor, take out the trash, and do other simple chores. They will feel a sense of satisfaction from helping you, and they will learn valuable skills for school as well! You can also teach your child how to do their laundry or make their bed, which is a great lesson in responsibility.
  8. Allow Them to Play Independently
    Preschoolers need time to be alone and explore the world on their own. This is a normal part of growing up, and you should allow them to do it whenever they need some independence and alone time. Don’t hover over them constantly, but let your preschooler know that they can always come to find you if they feel lonely or unsafe.
  9. Teach Them to Respect Others
    Even though preschoolers are learning these important skills, they still need your guidance. It’s important that you teach them to always be respectful of others and do it in the right way. If another child takes a toy from them at school, don’t let your preschooler talk back or get angry. Teach them how to respectfully stand up for themselves and speak to teachers or parents afterwards.
  10. Play Learning Games
    If you are looking for an online preschool, it’s important to choose a school with fun games and learning activities. There are so many fun tools out there today that can help keep your preschooler engaged and entertained while also helping them learn. Try making up simple math games or alphabet matching games to make learning easier and more fun.
    When you enrol your preschooler in an online preschool, make sure they learn the skills necessary to succeed later. The more activities you can incorporate into their routine, the better off they’ll be when it comes time for school!
    When choosing a preschool, make sure you choose a school with the proper curriculum in place to teach your child these important skills! A good online preschool will have daily reading time, math games, and even free play time building friendships with other children.


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