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How do restaurateurs keep their restaurants open and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, various industries that require physical interactions between people are forced to either change their operating means or halt their operations.

And as most restaurateurs are struggling to continue their operations, prolific restaurant owners are tapping into the use of technological tools like QR codes, thermal scanners, and more to keep their restaurants open and safe during this time.

Because of that, people are now confident in going to restaurants that have this kind of technology for contactless dining operations.

But as their confidence is being held by the restaurants they trust to dine in with, knowing how restaurateurs keep their establishments open and safe is a common knowledge that diners need to know and follow.

How do restaurateurs keep their restaurants open and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?

As restaurants are one of the highly affected business sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping their restaurants open during this crucial period is still a challenge for most of them.

With the use of technology to keep their restaurants open and safe, their struggle in making this kind of restaurant operations a reality ends. To know how they do it, here are four known COVID-19 prevention operations practices that they are currently applying up in the first half of 2021.

Intensify their customer check-in system

As contact tracing is the only way to address the continuing rise of the COVID-19 cases around the world, intensifying their customer check-in systems helps contact tracers identify who is the last person and which place does the COVID-19 patient went to interact with.

And with the availability of a QR code generator online, restaurants have intensified their customer check-in system by just letting their customers scan the QR code and fill up the check-in forms right through their phones. Making their system to be a contactless one and reduce viral transmission.

Taking establishment disinfection seriously

During the times where everyone’s enemy is can’t be felt and seen, restaurateurs always ensure that their establishment is clean and safe to dine in with. For this reason, they always disinfect all the places where customers sit and the tables where they eat.

With taking establishment disinfection a serious task that every restaurant should follow, the risk of becoming a COVID-19 virus hotspot lessens. Thus, making them be able to keep their business running during this time.

Integrating the use of contactless digital menus

Since going contactless and social distancing is one of the key business operations features that every restaurant needs to follow today, the use of contactless digital menus becomes their best means for customers to do their order without the need for the help of the restaurant’s staff.

And for them to give a seamless contactless ordering system with digital menus, restaurateurs are integrating the use of a menu QR code to store their menu or ordering system into it.

Through this, diners will only have to scan the code and make their order by just simply clicking the dish or place it down in their designated digital order slips.

Switching to cashless payment acceptance

As money circulates from one person to another, the risk of getting infected with the virus is higher than doing fund transfers from one digital wallet to another.

Because of that, most restaurants that are currently open nowadays have fully switched towards fund transfers from their accredited digital wallets like PayPal, Venmo, and more.


As the public’s health and safety are one of the restaurateur’s priorities of concern during the current global health crisis, keeping their restaurants safe and open is a challenge that they all continue to perfect up until now.

Since most of them are not equipped for running a pandemic-proof business, various ways of preventing physical interactions like social distancing, doing area disinfection,  and technology like QR codes are considered to operate a no close contact business.

And with the popularity QR codes are gaining today, the use is perfect for any use. With the use of a QR code generator with a logo online, small restaurant owners that plan to reopen their business can follow the COVID-19 prevention measures by creating QR codes for their menus and customer check-in surveys, and futurize their restaurant operating means.


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