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How Do I Sell My Gold In Vancouver?

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Free no-obligation offers are available every day, free estimates are offered for large diamonds and are available Monday to Wednesday by appointment. We offer the best gold prices for cash and jewelry, help you sell diamonds, and connect you with bullion vancouver, gold coins, and diamond buyers.

If you have only one option, it is to look around to find the best value for your gold jewelry if you sell them for silver or cash. If you want to sell your gold items online, but don’t need cash, you can visit a few Instant Gold Refining, local gold buyers or send your gold items to an online gold dealer for inspection. This is how you can choose the best deal for as much money as possible for your old gold jewelry, coins, and other gold items.

Every day our new customers come in and we are amazed to find that we pay twice as much for gold, silver, and jewelry scraps as other gold buyers. Look at it this way, the only way to make more money is to lure you with cocky advertising and try to buy your gold for less and not pay you in cash, which is exactly what we do. If you opt for this deal, you will end up selling your gold at pennies on the cash dollar.

We offer great selling prices for gold and silver bars that you might want to buy. We pay a higher market value for gold or silver for certain items, such as certain Canadian gold, silver and maple leaf coins. Simply put, old gold pays more, and we do more than just buy gold with cash.

Most serious gold buyers give their prices in grams and indicate purity. We offer a good buying and selling price on our website, which is updated every 60 seconds by local dealers.

Instant Gold Refining and online gold buyers who offer a personalized and retouched sales process for gold jewelry are unlikely to offer a fair price, as their goal is to maximize profits. The sale of estate jewelry or art is a compromise between method and its strengths and liabilities.

Examine your options, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages and find the best way to sell your jewelry. Personal creativity will show you that this is the only traditional method that works best.

Suppose, for example, that the spot price of gold is $300 for a 14K ring weighing 10 grams, or $1,500. Remember to subtract the refining costs and profit to the dealer and you will find the inner metal value of your jewelry. The price you received for the jewelry and the time you invested in the sale will also be factored into the equation.


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