There are many different ways to create a website. You can build a website “from scratch”, but for that, you need knowledge of programming languages. Fortunately, there are now a number of handy platforms that also offer laymen among us the opportunity to make their own websites.

Register a domain name

Your domain name is your internet address. It must be unique. You can register your domain name yourself, or have it done by your hosting company. You already have a domain name of 10 euros per year. However, some domain names can be quite expensive.

Purchase a hosting package

You can get a hosting account for a few tens a year. This is the place where your website is placed on the server and is therefore made accessible via the internet. You get your own login details and can access your server from anywhere. All you need is a computer with the internet.

Content Management System

A platform with a CMS is ideal for people who have little or no technical knowledge. They are often very extensive programs with which you can build your site, create your own layout and add content. A CMS makes managing your own website very easy.

If you need a little help with registering a domain name, purchasing a hosting package, and installing a CMS like WordPress, you can use the WordPress Install guide. Everything is explained step by step in this manual.

How do I create a website with WordPress at digital marketing company

WordPress is a very user-friendly system and is therefore used by many people. It is the most popular and widely used CMS in the world. No less than 15% of all websites around the world run on WordPress. With WordPress, you can have your website online within a few hours. There are two types of WordPress: the WordPress software that you install on your own server, and, on which you can also create a website without a server. For a professional-looking site, we recommend using WordPress software. Almost all hosting companies have WordPress in their base package; you can then install the system with one click and get started right away. But you can also download and install it yourself.

How do I create a website with Joomla?

Also with Joomla, you can build your own website without any knowledge of HTML or CSS. You choose a template for the design of your site and can then determine the structure and create the menus and pages via the control panel. Then you can easily place the content (text, images, videos, etc.) on your site. You can edit your site at any time.

How do I create a website with Drupal?

Drupal works more or less the same way as WordPress and Joomla! The system is very flexible and offers endless expansion options. It may be a little less suitable for people who have really never built a website because you have to set up a lot of things. But as with everything, it’s often a matter of just doing it and experimenting a lot. You learn it automatically.

All-WordPress Tutorials-and-Lifetime-Free-updates in any case, it is advisable to always download the accompanying manual of your CMS system. It explains step by step how to make your own website. It really isn’t as hard as it seems! The following guides are available for WordPress:

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