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How do I Install Microsoft Office Setup?

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If you have a Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint application, then you might be looking for how do I install Microsoft office on a PC. This is a common question amongst users of these programs. Most people use the default program that came with their computer. But, even though Word and Excel come pre-installed on most computers, there are times when it makes more sense to purchase Microsoft office software to replace the defaults.

Office provides a lot of functionality that you don’t get with the default installed programs. It is important to understand the installation process of the program, if you want to use Word or Excel for business documents. You will need to install Office. There are two ways to do this, depending on your Windows version and the kind of program that you are using.

Many new users think that Word for personal use is enough. In fact, Word setup should only take a few minutes. But, for large projects, such as invoicing or managing a staff, many people find that they need some help with the office setup installation. Fortunately, it is easier than ever to get expert assistance for your installation.


Many computer users who want to know how do I install Microsoft office on a PC, have no idea what programs are required. The typical computer will already have the basic programs installed, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Microsoft Word is the most common program used in personal settings. It is also the most popular office program. If you don’t use Word, you may want to consider purchasing Microsoft Office, or finding an expert to help you install the program on your computer. Microsoft provides software to help make Word easily installed on a computer.

For most personal settings, the computer should be on, with the keyboard and mouse connected. Once the program is installed, users will need to select an option from the main menu to begin setting up the program. The first option, called Select the Office application, will open a window showing several choices for the user to choose from. Users may want to select All in One Software, which will group together all the installed software on the computer into one application. In later versions of Word, there is an option to select the default program, so users do not have to change anything.


For larger groups, users will want to select the group setup option, which will allow them to organize the different software on the computer into groups. Once the group is created, users can select the items, which they want to install. This includes the programs that are currently installed on the computer. Users can install any other software from the software library, if there is available for the selected program.

After installing the programs, users will have to restart the machine in order for everything to load. Then, they can continue with the setup process by choosing Install/Uninstall. To uninstall a program, the user will click the Remove button. The Uninstall button should be used to remove uninstalled software.


After the installation is complete, users should restart the Word program to test it. There should be no changes in the display of the document when the user does this. Now, try running a test document, and note the difference between the output and the installation version. With the help of the Internet, troubleshooting should become easy. For more information on Word setup, search for “word” on the Web or contact Microsoft for questions about their support options and product licensing information.


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