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How do I find the best mobile app development company?

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Many companies are choosing to commission mobile apps as part of their business strategy. In fact, there are over 1.85 million apps available in the world right now. The right app can be a game-changer for your business, but you will need to choose the best mobile app development company to work with you to achieve your goals.

Choosing a mobile app company can be a daunting task. Especially if you have never done it before. You want to be sure you’ve chosen the right company in terms of experience, quality, price, and customer relationships management. The wrong company can be a costly mistake.

They understand the importance of strategy

At Exemplary Marketing, we know that the best apps are created off the back of a solid business and marketing strategy. Companies who just decide to build an app on the spur of the moment often find themselves with something that might look nice but isn’t fit for their purpose or their target market.

The best mobile app development company will want to get to know your business, your goals, and strategies and how an app can make those a reality. If this is information you don’t have, then they should be asking you questions to find out this information. Companies that don’t care about the overall strategy are just in it for the money and likely won’t care if the app succeeds or not.

They are innovative

Are the company going to design you a bespoke app, fit for your purposes or are they going to try and force you to go for an out-of-the-box solution that they use for all of their clients? Sometimes, if requirements are simple, then a standard template can be just the thing you need. It will save you time and money. If however, your app requires more innovation, you’re going to want to see proof that this is how they run their business. Ask for examples of apps that have solved particular, unique problems and how they met that challenge. If they can’t, you might want to look elsewhere.

They are upfront about pricing and timescales

Our account management teams at Exemplary know how important it is to set expectations with clients. Once we’re sure we’ve received a detailed brief, then we will produce a detailed costing plan and project timeline. Clients know what to expect and how much they are going to pay for it. It may take a little longer at the outset but it is more than worth it for the clarity it gives both parties.

Be wary of companies that only give approximate costs or start adding extras to their initial pricing without agreement.

They have a strong portfolio

Looking at past examples of a company’s work is the ideal way to get a feel for the quality of work that they can do. After all, their portfolio should feature the work they are most proud of, so if it isn’t up to a high standard, the rest is likely to be much worse.

As part of the process, they should also be able to show you case studies and testimonials from clients. This will give you more insight into how they take an initial brief from a client and turn it into an app that meets their needs.

Once you are in the final stages of choosing a company, ask if you can speak to one or two of their clients.

If they’re unwilling to show you case studies and examples, then the chances are they don’t want you speaking to people to find out what they are really like to work with.

They are good communicators

Working with the best mobile app development company isn’t only about technical capability. You need to find a company that knows how to work well with its clients. Regular communication, clear goals, and deadlines are all part of a smooth development process. Dialogue also reduces the number of assumptions and mistakes which are made through this.

Key points

A mobile app can be a substantial investment, so you need to be confident that you’ve chosen the right company to work alongside. Choosing an app development company can be difficult, especially if this is something you’ve had experience in doing before. It’s easy to get caught out by companies that talk a good game but don’t have the skills or processes to back it up. Follow these tips so that you can be confident you have all of the information you need before making your final decision.


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