How do custom bakery boxes redefine your bakery business marketing?

custom bakery boxes

Well-chosen and personalized, custom bakery boxes packaging is a communication medium that helps you stand out and make you known. Part of the visual identity of a brand, it is – like any commercial product – subject to fashions and trends. Bakeries, pastry shops, and professional box packaging companies give you the leads to make your choice of packaging.

Your food packaging a challenge?

The Coronavirus has radically shifted attention to packaging. After this “war” everyone tries to get back to normal quickly. But what is normal in food packaging? And what are the consequences of Covid-19 for food packaging? Things will change for sure. Good changes maybe?

Identify your positioning with custom bakery boxes

On seeing the packaging, the customer must immediately identify the bakery-pastry shop, through the choice of material, shape, colors, logo or inscriptions. Favoring 360 ° communications means visual correlation of all of the brand’s communication media.

The choice of inscriptions and graphics on bread bags or croissant bags is to be considered in coherence with its positioning, its offer, and the image that we want to convey.

Retain your customers and reach new prospects

The products from your store may end up on the tables of your customers’ relatives. The custom bakery boxes have become an advertising medium, likely to attract new customers. Personalizing its packaging – whether it is a pastry box or a bread bag – with its logo and address is therefore essential.

The little extra: certain well-chosen and pre-packaged products will generate impulse purchases. In a personalized cardboard box or transparent packaging, the chocolates, candies and other macaroons will then leave like “hot cakes”.

Adapt to standards and all modes of consumption

The custom bakery boxes (including the catering and party snacks) must adapt to the nomadic consumption or delivery, increasingly sought. The ease of transport, the rigidity, the tightness, as well as the preservation of the freshness of the recipes are essential.

Finally, to meet the law on energy transition and new eco-responsible consumer requirements, biobased and compostable packaging made from corn starch, cane pulp or wood is making its way into bakeries – pastries, alongside products. cardboard bakeries.

3 reasons why bakers, pastry chefs and caterers should have custom printed packaging

For a baker or pastry chef who produces bread, cakes, pies, and other sweets that are regularly taken away by customers or delivered to their homes, custom bakery boxes packaging is not only protection so that the products arrive in good condition. Packaging is also a powerful way to strengthen your image due to 3 elements:

custom bakery boxes makes you visible:

You know it very well, you have to differentiate yourself from your competitors and make yourself known. Custom bakery boxes packaging allows you to show yourself to people who do not know you by seeing the cardboard boxes in the street with your logo and your address. Your customers are your communicator.

Others, by constantly noticing people with your products, start to trust you and this is the first to make the purchase.

It’s free advertising:

Being a baker usually means that it is a small or medium-sized business. In this case, the packaging is the brand’s first medium since SMEs cannot spend huge sums of money to communicate by royal means. In this ultra-competitive context, the role of packaging becomes preponderant.

It is a means of communication

The packaging is used to establish a privileged link with your customers. Not only by conveying the message you want to them, but also by presenting them the qualities of your product. It allows you to give additional information about the origin of the raw materials used and any certificates you have.

So, dear bakers, pastry chefs, craftsmen, do not hesitate to tell us about your packaging ideas, our teams will know how to materialize them as a real asset for your sales!

Buy Custom Bakery Boxes from SilverEdge Packaging

Silver Edge considers packaging to be much more than a means of transporting food. With its environmentally friendly packaging, the company wants to contribute to a more sustainable world. The packaging is produced locally in low-energy factories in the USA.

It demands high standards for every product it manufactures. Paper and cardboard packaging are made from materials from sustainable forestry or other sustainable sources. These packagings are therefore easy to recycle.

We would love to help you. Let us know what your food packaging challenge is.

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