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How Custom Packaging Is Evolving In The CPG Industry?

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Consumer packaged goods are slowly refining the way products are presented in all retail markets. Brands are excessively using custom packaging to reach their desired goal of attaining higher customer satisfaction without spending a fortune.

Ever wondered what CPG is?

Simply put, the vast variety of goods displayed at retail stores are consumer packaged goods. When operating in this market, a lot of dynamic factors make it imperative that the packaging remains up-to-date so customers can instantly pick the brand out of the many others.

The arrival of covid-19 has completely changed the way customers shop for their favorite brands in the past year. CPG companies got a renewed chance at improved growth rates due to the shift in consumer preferences. E-commerce saw a rapid escalation in sales which expanded the need for having better packaging for all product types.

CPG packaging, whether directly sold at retail stores or through shipment, is appreciated by customers the world over. It doesn’t matter where the customers are located, their age, income capacities, or product preferences, they all have a common demand; to receive valued packaging with their purchases.

CPG companies must work hard to stay afloat with this rising trend. They need to understand how the boxes improve the growth prospects of consumer goods. Customized packaging plays a large role in creating a sturdy impact that needs to be realized thoroughly.

New in the CPG world? Here are some essential points to know about the importance of customized boxes in capturing a bigger market share.

Fierce competition needs a good branding tool

Why do you see Pepsi ads on billboards? The drink is endorsed by world-renowned celebrities. The purpose is to attract attention and keep existing customers loyal to the brand.

Well, the task of the packaging is the same. Custom elements added to the product boxes make them distinct and easily recognizable. The immensely popular Pepsi logo is spotted by almost all customer demographics.

As the retail shelves get filled with competitive brands, buyers are left at the mercy of their gut feeling. How do they know which product is best for them? Packaging is a factor that plays well in the marketing game. A number of surveys have unanimously pointed out the packaging as the biggest influence on customer buying choices. CPG businesses need to employ their packaging as a tool to cut through the diverse rivalry.

Custom boxes provide strength, durability, engaging layout, and imbibe the customer tastes to stick out from the rest. Printing branding on them works wonders for the brand in terms of improved revenue figures.

custom packaging

Flexibility to promptly change according to the environment

It takes time to incorporate evolving industry trends within the products. this also adds to costs and needs a revised business strategy.

One effective way of dealing with changing perceptions and trends in the CPG industry is by altering the custom packaging. This is a far easier, quicker, and affordable method of coping with current the commercial environment.

For instance, the new gable boxes are changing food packaging. CPG brands can pick this trend by opting for gable styled packages. Innovation is a constant that must be accommodated by changing the brand image and the packaging does that with comparative ease.

Not only the current market patterns but the brands can improve or alter their existing packaging boxes too. If the brand experiences faulty deliveries, the boxes can be thickened or re-shaped accordingly. Similarly, if the food items are getting soggy during transit, the boxes can be laminated to avoid moisture spoiling the food contents.

Customization allows endless opportunities to improve the packaging boxes and enable CPG brands to compete effectively.

Consistency in marketing

Have you noticed how YSL brands its packaging? The gold company logo shines on every box and brand promotion.

The boxes offer a tangible branding experience for customers. They can touch and feel the brand vibe. Particularly for e-brands, the first customer interaction matters the most. CPG companies rely on the packaging to speak about the brand values and objectives. It has the potential to form a durable connect with customers as soon as they open the couriered boxes.

Seeing identical brand identity on every box affirms the brand’s functionality. Customers recognize the brand features from a distance and relate strongly to them.

Very few marketing platforms are as personalized as the packaging. Brands can adopt different looks for their whole product lines while keeping the branding consistent. this way, customers become aware of what the brand offers and be familiar with the brand identity.

Keep the contents damage-free

Isn’t this the main function of packaging?

Primarily, customized boxes came on the retail scene to provide varied protection to a host of consumer products. Increased demand for modified packaging has made this stream into a full-fledged industry.

Expert box manufacturers create specialist boxes considering seller specifications. the boxes look and provide professional protection to the contents. This is the base that is fueling enhanced e-commerce activity. Shipment cannot be sent in generic boxes. It needs custom dimensions to keep the items safe and tamper-proof. Regulators have set a certain precedent for shipment packages. These can only be imbibed once the CPG are boxed in customized shipping units.

Retailers too prefer to stock up on CPG brands that have aptly printed boxes. The required features contain:

  • Printed barcodes.
  • Good storage resistance.
  • Clear handling and storage instructions.
  • Easy to handle boxes.
  • Enticing packaging that attracts more customer footfalls in the outlet.

Can standard boxes comply with the above? We think not!

Customers only reorder and get influenced by the branding vibes when the products are in top-notch form. Broken contents are a big cause of refunds and customer complaints. CPG brands can effectively avoid these with the assistance of custom packaging.


Whether the CPG seller is an SME or a big family like Nestle, customized boxes are the need of the hour to grow in the industry and keep pace with rising CPG packaging demands globally.


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