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How Construction and Building Firms Can Work Towards Protecting the Environment

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One of the biggest users of natural resources has been the construction and building industries. The industry has been blackmarked across the internet and in environmental  circles as one of those that has caused vast damage to our environment. This article looks at the various methods that this sector or industry can start improving our environment and make positive changes.

More Renewable Building Materials

One of the best ways to improve the green image of the construction and building industry is to increase the use of natural and renewable resources. Being able to use materials that will simply biodegrade over time and can legitimately be said not to adversely impact the environment in landfill are the way that construction is going. Using bamboo that grows fast and has a high strength-to-weight ratio has become the best means of building in parts of the world where this is readily available. Another great example is the use of cork for insulation and noise damping.

Less Waste and More Recycling

There is just so much waste generated for landfill from building and construction. Simply consider the amount of concrete and rubble that is produced in a building or demolition site. One of the proactive ways to combat this is to use a waste collection firm, similar to the work done by 7 Skip Bins, that can recycle the waste produced and whereby only a small component of the overall waste ends up in landfill.

Use Renewable Energy

Green construction must be genuine and the best way to show this is for the construction firm in question to use green and renewable energy on site. There is no point having the best recycling and resource use policy for environmental protection and then wasting water and using traditional forms of non-renewable energy. The construction companies that are making strides in this way have been able to set up water treatment plants onsite to reduce resource waste, and use solar and other forms of green energy to run the site and all related tools and machinery.

Build Greener Homes

The homes and buildings that are created  in the sector need to be sustainable and green in their own usage and existence. Homes with solar panels, systems to re-use grey water in their gardens and areas of open green spaces that are left in their natural state in these housing and built-up areas have to be seen as important for all our futures.

Construction and building have always been seen as the bad guys when it came to green and sustainability credentials. Yes, home building is essential, but it was not being done in a manner that inspired confidence in the future. Vast areas are clear of trees and vegetation to make space for homes, huge amounts of water and non-renewable resources were being use, and the homes that were being produce were not necessarily the most environmentally friendly. This has begun to change faster than we ever imagined and public pressure has seen the trends as noted in this article emerge and gather momentum across the building, construction, and waste manage sectors as a result.


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