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How cognitive behavioral therapy works effectively for panic disorder?

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Panic disorder is not a new concept. It is pretty common in the present stressful time.

Fortunately, we live in such a time where we have all the facilities to treat and handle panic disorders. One such effective and helpful way to manage panic disorder is Cognitive behavioral therapy.

Let us understand how cognitive behavioral therapists can prove effective to get rid of panic disorders.

The cognitive behavioral therapy against panic disorder:

The steps taken in cognitive behavioral therapy treatment to calmly and patiently handle panic disorders are as follows:

1. Recognizing and replacing the negative thoughts:

The initial step is to find the main reason or source of negative thoughts. The main focus here is to identify and analyze the pattern which causes such panic disorders. The pattern or thought process usually dominates and influences the individual’s behaviour, leading either to a happy state of mind or vice-a-versa.

2. Trying different patterns:

No two individuals are the same. Therefore, the pattern to identify and analyze their reason for negative thoughts is also different. The therapist, thus, will try different patterns, exercises and activities to help different clients.

In addition, the therapist may also assign some home-based activities in between the session to avoid any faulty thinking.

One of the most promising forms of exercise tried for panic disorders is writing exercise. This helps in getting full awareness and replacement of the negative thoughts. The common writing exercises that any cbt therapists near me would try are as follow:

  • Maintaining a gratitude journal
  • Writing a diary
  • Journal writing
  • Trying affirmations

3. Developing new skills:

After these effective exercises, next follows the efforts and attempts to develop a new skill to cope with panic. This phase focuses on developing healthy strategies that can be helpful for the patient. Again, different individuals may require other skills to win over their panic behaviour.

After carefully analysing the pattern or reason for panic, every individual develops skills to reduce stress, manage anxiety and panic, etc. The acquired skills will also be practiced during the sessions, both at the therapist and at home. The more they practice, the better will be the result.

Also, many experts suggest that individuals should develop multiple skills to cope with their panic attacks quickly.

4. Desensitization:

In this therapy step, the patients are introduced to different fear and anxiety-induced situations to develop ways to cope with them. This is like a rehearsal where the individual is introduced to various challenging situations to manage and handle their panic gently.

Generally, the stressful situations are made depending upon the results generated during the identification of the pattern/reasons of stress.

5. Relaxation techniques:

Finally, the individuals are also given knowledge of relaxation techniques. The person is still dealing with and handling their panic and anxiety, which can be stressful at times. Such relaxing methods and exercises will be beneficial during those tough times.

Some common relaxation techniques which are helpful are as follow:

  • Yoga
  • Deep breathing
  • Meditation
  • Progressive muscle relaxation, etc.

Final Thoughts:

Cognitive behavioral therapy has got its charm to be a part of your treatment when dealing with panic attacks or other adverse behaviours. The therapy can help identify the pattern and reason of the attacks and develop specific helpful ways to cope with that. Your therapist may combine some other form of treatment with cognitive behavioral therapy to reach the best results. If you are looking for a reliable name to trust, you can reach out to Seekapsych to find the desired solution. The brand focuses on quality and not quantity; therefore, it is a trusted and preferred name.


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