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How CDN invigorates your WooCommerce performance?

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Slow websites, whichever niche they represent, cause not only customer loss but also backfires the sales, conversions, and revenue generation. So every business is trying to chuck out the speed issues and relieve the stress. The best way is you should opt for WooCommerce Speed Optimization and supercharge your online store. You might have run across this term on the internet. But let us tell you WooCommerce Optimization isn’t a small term. Instead, it is an expansive phrase engulfing various methods. One of them is CDN, so this post will spotlight how CDN invigorates your WooCommerce performance.

There can’t be one agent behind your slow website. For instance, it can be poor-quality web hosting services. In addition, typically, design components, content blocks, large and un-optimized media files are the culprits. Such content creates more dynamic requests to the server and leads to spending more server resources. Thus, a standard solution to such issues is to go for optimization.

However, there may be media files and content blocks that you can’t optimize further. Besides, eradicating them minimizes the website usability for the users. So instead of cutting back the important data, why not find a solution that can help you keep the static and dynamic data without worrying about the speed.

We know a perfect way.

Interested in knowing?

Here it is!

The much sought-after solution is to leverage the CDN.

So let’s converse about why online stores should use it and how CDN invigorates your WooCommerce performance.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN is a shortened form of Content Delivery Network. It is a group of servers connected but geographically located globally. This feature works on shortening the distance between the locations from where the content has to go and to where the users reside that are accessing the content. The shorter the physical distance between the user and the server, the faster the website will load for the in-action user. In short, it minimizes the network latency and Time to First Byte (TTFB) and distributes the content with lightning speed.

How CDN works?

The geographically dispersed and connected servers each have a specific location. These servers are referred to as Points of Presence (PoPs).

Website files and content is a mixture of HTML pages, JavaScript files, CSS resources, stylesheets, images, videos, and so forth. The servers in this CDN system are the cache servers. The working course of action is that each server stores the files – a website copy. So whenever a user from wherever in the world tries to access the website, the CDN redirects the user to the nearby server. The shorter the distance and latency, the faster the website loads for the user.

So that is how CDN invigorates your WooCommerce performance and has been added to the WooCommerce Optimization methods directory.

It not only elevates the website loading performance but also boots up your server performance by reducing the load from the original server that is hosting the website. Especially in WooCommerce stores, the website makes thousands of requests depending on the users. That eventually keeps the server busy and slowing down the processing of upcoming requests. So using CDN will definitely Speed Up WooCommerce.

Additional Benefits of CDN 

 CDN not only assists you with WooCommerce Speed Optimization, but it brings many other perks too. In particular, it also helps protect your WooCommerce store against malicious attacks, malware insertion, DDOS attacks, etc. It ensures zero website downtime even for power outages, crashes, and hardware failure, and websites under attack. In addition, it reduces bandwidth costs, increases content availability and redundancy, and boosts the user experience.

Are you ready to use CDN?

Businesses want to be accessible and cater to customers globally, and the website serves the same purpose. However, adhering to the technology and shrinking the physical and digital distance have become a must-have to keep rolling the ball of online business. That is where CDN comes into play with excellent content delivery services. So no matter from wherever your target users are present in the world, they will have a flawless user experience at your website.

So be quick about it and get ready to observe how CDN invigorates your WooCommerce performance at best.

Many live and offline streaming websites, news sites, technology platforms are using CDN. Besides, many famous brands like Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon are catering to the extensive users’ needs with CDN.

Remember, CDN is different from hosting. You need hosting to bank the website files and let the site go live. In contrast, CDN helps in distributing your website content to your users residing worldwide.

Where to get the CDN?

Many website hosting companies have built-in CDN functionality for their hosting services. Also, many web hosts have their data centers spread globally, so typically the WooCommerce utilizing those hosting services does not have to worry about the fast loading and speed issues. However, the websites that do not have access can simply sign up with the CDN-providing companies.

To name a few companies can be:

  • Cloudflare
  • StackPath
  • Sucuri
  • KeyCDN
  • Rackspace
  • Google Cloud CDN
  • CacheFly
  • Amazon CloudFront

If your e-store is a startup or is small, you can even hook up with free CDN plans. However, for large traffic and with target customers in various countries, signing up for a paid plan will be ideal. Your sole purpose is to serve your visitors well, so be wise in selecting the plan.  

Furthermore, before choosing the CDN, do your homework first. For example, the scale and needs of your WooCommerce website, the location of your users, the bandwidth demand, etc., are necessary to sort out. In addition, CDN choice also varies with your defined budget – how much do you wish to spend.   

Identifying the Underlying Issues in WooCommerce 

As already mentioned, there can be various reasons behind a slow WooCommerce store. That being said, there will be more than one way to Speed Up WooCommerce. However, identifying the underlying issues and finding and implementing the solutions isn’t a piece of cake as it sounds it will.

If you can’t find the exact problem, you will be working in the wrong direction, only wasting time and money. So, obviously, an expert is the right person to contact with. Therefore, find a professional company that renders WooCommerce Speed Optimization services. Only by pinpointing the on-target problems can you cure your e-store. If you can’t find any hidden issues, then let CDN invigorates your WooCommerce performance. Get your website performance back and streamline your sales and conversions.


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