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How can you show your weakness in a job interview?

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Accepting your flaws can be difficult when you’re going for an interview at a place you’ve always wanted to work.Ironically, the most common question asked in a job interview is, “What are your weaknesses?”

We’ll go through how to respond to this job interview weakness question, as well as what constitutes a suitable weakness for a job interview or for resume writing services alike .Before we go, keep in mind that answering this question with something like “I don’t have any vulnerabilities or anything of the type that I can recollect” will give off a rather prude impression.We all know that everyone, even the most powerful person, has flaws.

Here are ten examples of how to respond to the question “What are some good weaknesses for a job interview?” in a job interview:

1.  I am a perfectionist 

While this is a flaw, it also demonstrates that you are a compassionate individual who strives to accomplish everything to the best of your ability.This is an excellent weakness for a mock interview service since it conveys the sense that you will always treat all responsibilities and projects seriously.

2. When deadlines are missed, I am quite frustrated.
This is a flaw that demonstrates that being impatient is a bad idea.It also demonstrates how you are accustomed to completing tasks on time and do not take deadlines lightly.
3. Working with certain people is difficult for me.

This is a pretty common occurrence.We are all unique individuals who may disagree at times.This demonstrates your self-awareness.

4.  I lack confidence

It’s quite typical to have poor self-confidence, especially when looking for entry-level jobs.
5. It’s difficult to strike a balance between my personal and work lives.
This is an excellent weakness for the job interview in a weaknesses job interview.This demonstrates your dedication to your work.

6. When it comes to asking for aid, I am bashful.
It might be difficult to ask for assistance, especially when you are new to an organisation.Give an example of how you’re attempting to work on it and overcome it to explain this to them.

7.I’m perplexed by imprecise directions.
Some individuals may not provide you explicit directions that you are used to in order for you to advance in an organisation.

8.  Sometimes, I procrastinate 
Explain to them how it was once a habit, but that you are now attempting to break it by taking specific actions.
9.  I tend to be very honest
Being truthful is one thing, but being blunt is not appropriate in the workplace.This is also a fantastic flaw to bring up during a job interview.
10.  I run away from confrontations

Talk about a time when you needed to face someone but were trying to avoid it.Give an example of how you’re currently attempting to address this flaw.


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