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How can you get more custom cardboard boxes while spending less? 10 easy ways

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We have seen that businesses always look for strategies that can help to reduce their expenses. Due to increased competition among different brands, packaging has become too costly. All businesses can’t afford luxury boxes. You should follow these tips when you have a small-run company and need cost-effective custom cardboard boxes.

Consider minimal designing 

When you are going to design your packaging, consider a few parameters for spending less. You should know that increased design can add to your expenses. You shouldn’t consider complex shapes. You must not think of layered boxes or hard-to-open closures. These designs can increase your costs. Using simple designs can reduce your expenses.

Buy in bulk 

When you buy a small number of boxes, the rate is different, whereas the suppliers will offer different rates for a large number of boxes. You should know that its price is reduced when something is manufactured in bulk. Therefore, when you have to get boxes by spending less, you should consider wholesale cardboard boxes. 

Add custom inserts

We know that the protection of products is vital. For this purpose, if you consider layered or thicker packaging, it will become costly. Instead, it would help if you used boxes with custom inserts. You can add placeholders and inserts to your boxes. They will hold the delicate items securely and reduce their mobility. They will help to keep your products safe from bumping.

Minimal printing

You must know that printing inks are costly. Using fewer graphics and images will require a higher quantity of printing inks. It will ultimately increase the cost of custom boxes. Consider minimal printing to reduce the cost of your packaging. You must only include small-sized images and a logo. You may print the name of your brand. In this way, there will be low consumption of inks. Hence, it can help to reduce their price.

Functional shapes

You should know that using different boxes for different items increases the packaging cost. You must use function shapes that can perform more functions than usual. For example, you may consider custom cardboard boxes with compartments. They will help to keep many objects in a single box. It will help to minimize packaging expenses.

Digital printing is cost-effective. 

There are many printing technologies. Printing quality must be remarkable. You should know that offset and screen printing technologies are costly. They are only suitable when you have to print many boxes. Consider digital printing technology when printing a small number of boxes. It can provide high-quality prints by spending less.

Consider recyclable materials 

You must know that different types of materials are available to manufacture the boxes. You should use cardboard because it is recyclable. It comes from natural sources. It is sustainable and cheaper. Therefore, consider this one when you have to design your packaging by spending less.

Utilize different embellishments

Due to increased competition in the market, you may have to use various embellishments to increase the attractiveness of your boxes. It would help if you understood that coatings, soft-touch, embossing, and other options are costly. You can consider cost-effective solutions such as ribbons, flowers, labels, lids, printed tags, and hand-drawn paintings. These embellishments can enhance the beauty of your packaging.

Use foiling to add elegance. 

Considering printing too many objects on your boxes can increase printing costs. You can have other options for adding elegance to your boxes. You may use metallic foilings such as silver and gold foiling. They are cheaper as compared to printing too many images or graphics. They will make your packaging attractive and luxurious.

Consider black-and-white printing

You must know that colored inks for printing are costly. Some colors are too costly and unaffordable for small-run companies. Therefore, you can have a better strategy to help develop classy boxes by spending less. You should make use of black and white designs. They also look good and can make a significant impact on your customers. Custom-printed cardboard boxes with only black and white printed content will distinguish your packaging, among others. 

We have described different ways that you can utilize to reduce the price of your packaging. You should know that cardboard boxes aren’t expensive. Their expenses increase when you use high-quality printing and other luxurious features. You must follow all the tricks we have described to get classy boxes by spending less.


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