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How Can A Person Become Pro In Travel Photography?

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Travel Photography Tips For A Newbie Select the camera.

1. Select the camera

You are traveling, you need a camera. Or, you just need a camera to take care of any situation, including travel, possible, hope…

Well, I have two doubts. Restart the phone.

You are interested in photography and looking for a camera. Soon you will find that the camera is expensive. You browse between entry-level, middle, semi-expert and expert options and decide to switch to scroll.

* game *

It is easy to lower the price of the camera, but do not be discouraged. The camera can be used for many years, and it will give you a lot of magical memories. Let me tell you, the difference between a $ 500 camera and a $ 1500 camera is usually the one behind the lens. Besides, do you need a new camera?

Fortunately, photographers are the ones who really take care of their equipment. Also, these pictures look great when put on the website. You just need to hire a web designer for the website and rest is assured.

I will not tell you which camera to buy on this subject because I do not know anything about your finances and needs. But I will tell you to get one.

There is no mirror or DSLR, Canon or Nikon-option is yours. However, if you are serious, it is recommended to buy something more durable than a regular camera.

2. Get to know your camera.

Once you find yourself grabbing a pretty small amount of money (or a large one), and taking a bunch of pointless photos because you’re so excited (people at the mall, on the street, taking their noses, etc.), I urge you not to use your camera in automatic mode.

Set the necessary space, close the door, or at least fall into the right type of manual, and understand why your camera is not working before you can work in these types.

Learn about ISO, aperture, speed, exposure, focus, measurement and output in RAW.

The more you learn, the more rights you have until you stop taking pictures, but really take pictures. You build and organize this setting, create this photo, create this photo and show it to the audience so they can enjoy it.

3. Understand the light.

The only interesting thing. Photos are very important, but they are often confusing and irritating. The reason your photo changes so much depends on whether you put your camera in the light or just a few inches from the light.

4. Gear

Gears are important. When you get your first camera, you may think you are now ready to take a photoshoot. From star-studded roads and time passed to photographs on the road and reveal beautiful lengths. When you try each of these photos along with the next Google session, you will quickly find out which software is the most important.

Similarly, please feel free to go to the KEH camera to purchase high-end hand-held equipment that will not damage the bank.

So what is in my bag? Fortunately, I sat next to my bag and was able to tell you.

Gear Bag

It sounds obvious, but it’s not. Initially, you were the only one carrying a camera and a wallet. But as soon as you get the equipment, you will soon find that you need the equipment bag. My own was the Vanguard Uprise II, which I really liked.


A tripod is an essential accessory. They are very important for long exposure, night photos, family photos, etc. I use a Vanguard Alta Pro tripod, it is lightweight and durable, but it may not be the best option for travel.


Your new camera may have one or two eyes. These are eyeglass kits, which are usually very comfortable. The standard is 18-55mm aperture, which works well in most movies every day. Anyway, you will find that you want to hold a wide view that is not connected to Adobe Lightroom or other objects. Eyeglasses can be very expensive, but again, you get a good second eye— but make sure they are in good working condition before you buy!


I have all my eyes with UV filters to protect the glass lens from scratches. UV filters are cheap to replace, but cutting and staining is a costly mistake. I also use a circular polarizer to shoot bright films, especially in areas with multiple views (such as at sea). Then you will get ND Grad filters for long day shooting. I have never had these.

SD Card 

The last thing you want to do is run out of memory. I have about four or 5 memory cards in my gearbox, and if they are full or worse, I decide to stop working.

Spare battery

Similarly, the last thing you want is not to be able to shoot the beautiful sunset, because you have used battery power to take pictures of people tying their shoes. Bring at least two.

Big headlight

Ideal for using a light bulb on the forehead and shooting at night, or making small drawings on a night photo, but it is very important for seeing things in the dark.

In addition, it is worth remembering that the KEH camera will purchase the camera accessories and accessories used so that you can continue to rotate the equipment until you find the perfect location!

Keep practicing

This is stupid advice, but please do it. Take inspiration from expert photographers and try to reproduce what they do. This can be the most effective yet fastest way to get the opportunity. Honestly, there are a lot of photographers in the world today, everyone says it’s a phone change, but I’m talking about apps like VSCO and Instagram. I follow up with some talented people (they work hard for these shots) and I always ask myself “how does it work?” Then I tried until I got it right. I learned a lot along the way.


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