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How can IVR Solutions simplify Customer support and ticketing systems?

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The IVR solutions for small businesses are one of the most popular call management solutions in the industry. The IVR refers to Interactive Voice Response which initiates customer interaction with a personalised call experience. It offers callers an array of options to find a quick resolution to their queries. This solution has proved to be highly useful for small companies as they get robust technology to simplify customer support and ticketing systems.

There are several IVR providers in India offering the solution and enabling the small and mid-size companies to avail the technology’s benefits. Let’s discuss how the IVR technology streamlines customer support and ticketing systems.

Multi-level Menus: The IVR solution is embedded with several multi-level menus, giving callers several options. For example, if they need to inquire about a new product or book a demonstration service, they can quickly choose the option and resolve their queries rapidly. It eases the load on the live agents as the callers are satisfied with the options available and will not feel the need to speak to the agent. With the self-help menus, they can resolve their queries themselves, and the agent gets more time to handle critical issues. The customer support and ticketing system are streamlined and less burdened with questions that customers can resolve on their own with the IVR menus.

Customisable Menu: With the IVR solutions for small businesses, a small company can customize the call flow with a menu which is categorised further with several sub-menu options. It helps customers navigate the IVR solution and find the most appropriate option to get answers to their queries. With easy navigation, they can find the correct menu option in the IVR solution and quickly resolve their questions. They also might not speak to a live agent who can handle the complex queries other customers face. So, the solution streamlines the customer support and provides the agents more time to simplify the complicated issues.

24×7 Customer Support: With the IVR solutions for small businesses, a small company can ensure the round-the-clock availability of the support team to its customers. With recorded messages, customers can quickly resolve their queries. They get the desired information they need, and they might not feel the need to speak to a live agent.

24×7 Availability: With the IVR solution, a company can forward calls to the agents’ mobile numbers and landlines. It helps small companies get the flexibility of place and time to manage their business from anywhere and at any time. The customer support team can resolve customer queries, reduce the number of tickets raised in the system, and manage the ticketing system easily.

Call routing: With the help of smart routing, a business can connect the agents to the callers and reduce their wait time considerably. They can provide instant customer support, and the callers do not unnecessarily have to wait in long queues before they get to speak with a company representative. With optimised routing, a small company can offer its customers an enhanced experience.

Handle Large Call volumes: During the peak loads, it might not be possible to attend every call, and the callers are disappointed as they cannot connect with the business. It leaves callers frustrated, and they might decide not to stay with the company. The IVR solution connects multiple customers automatically at a single time with the multi-level IVR. It streamlines customer support and helps in improving operational efficiency, and provides high customer satisfaction.

Conclusion: With the IVR solutions for small businesses, there would be fewer pending queries as a large number of calls would be answered quickly, faster, and in large volumes. Every business should use the solution, especially the small companies. The solution is cost-efficient, which gives small companies cost savings and helps provide enhanced customer experience, which is crucial to building a loyal customer base.

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