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How Can A Private Investigator Help You With Your Child’s Custody?

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You might be undergoing the breakdown of separating from your partner and with that stressful mind, you and your partner have to decide on your child’s custody.

If you feel your partner isn’t a reliable source for your child’s custody but unable to retrieve information that can help you win the battle, Hiring the service of a private investigator is a tough choice. A private investigator will help you get the information you need to win the battle. This information includes the reports and evidence that proves your innocence or allows you to show the wrongdoings of your partner.

If you hire a professional for private investigator services, he will help you in collecting the evidence from the sources. Reciprocating this, if you are accusing your ex of wrongdoings, then he will help you collect the information that supports your statement. So, if you are searching for someone eligible, get a little idea of how an investigator can defend your battle.

What do private investigators do in child custody?

  • Private investigators can do a lot in child’s custody and put 100 % efforts to bring the situation in your favor.
  • A Private investigator interviews family members, friends, teachers, and neighbors to gather sufficient witnesses.
  • Checks if the parent is hiding any assets to escape the financial responsibilities of the child, if suspected.
  • Background check is also an essential task in terms of gathering the data. The private investigator thoroughly checks the background of the parents and the people connected to your child. 
  • These evidences strengthen the case and make sure that all things work out. If you are falsely alleged by your partner for neglect, then you need strong evidence to prove, in which a private investigator helps. 
  • There are different types of child custody, but before you decide to fight one, learn about them.

Types of child custody 

Legal custody- In this, parents have the complete authority to decide what is best for their children and take decisions accordingly. The parents can mutually decide for their child’s welfare, but if opinions clash then the court gets involved.

Sole custody- In this, the child’s custody is allotted to a single parent. However, the other partner is allowed to meet his/her child, but can not take decisions about his upliftment.

Physical custody- In this both the parents can equally decide about the child’s life decisions. The child can stay with both their parents in different houses, but if a serious disagreement arrives then the court interferes in the matter.

How does a private investigator help? 

A private investigator collects the evidence that legally proves fruitful through which the court can decide what is best for your child. This information is obtained through activities like surveillance, background information, and statements by witnesses.

Surveillance- Surveillance involves keeping a watch on the other partner for abuses or neglect, behavior towards the child, and use of alcohol or substances. The investigator also checks whether the environment the child is staying in is appropriate or not.

Background information-  The background information includes the finances, assets, history of their previous life, and criminal records if any, which justifies whether the parent is capable enough to take the child’s responsibilities or not.

Statements- The investigator interviews, collects, and compiles all the information given by witnesses to prepare a statement against the other parent and verify their suitability, character, and parent’s conduct.  

This insinuates that a private investigator can ease your work of compiling evidence and fight the court battle in an ethical and legal manner. Distancing from a child is an emotional concern, but handling it legally in a professional manner is very important. So, if you are ready to fight in the court for the love of your life, approach a highly qualified private investigator. You can either hire an individual or contact an agency for a potential candidate and resolve this court matter.


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