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How Avocado Hair Mask Gives You Silky Hair: Avocado Hair Mask DIY

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Due to constant exposure to heat, sun, and pollution, hair and scalp lose their much-needed moisture, which is essential to keep them healthy and glossy. People who go outside regularly, do physical work, or sweat a lot generally complain of loss of shine in the hair and other related problems like frizz, hair fall, and split ends. It is essential to know that no matter how many branded and expert-recommended products you use for hair, you will be able to retain the original shine through organic products only.

Fortunately, nature has blessed us with numerous fruits and berries, which have essential nutrients to keep our hair healthy. One such famous fruit is the much-loved avocado. Avocado is a large-sized berry fruit containing a single solid seed inside and is endemic to South-Central Mexico. The fruit has a very usual appearance, but it is more than what meets the eyes when it comes to nutritional value. Before we move ahead and talk about avocado hair mask DIY methods, let us know more about the nutritional value and nourishing mechanism of the magic fruit.

Nutritional Benefits Of Avocado

Avocados are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids that provide a coating to each strand of your hair, from root to tip. Hence, it helps preserve the moisture for more extended periods, making the hair look shiny and glossy. Hair experts also suggest that avocado masks combined with other ingredients like olive oil or coconut oil help in providing an excellent texture to the hair and increasing its overall strength.

Apart from the fatty acids, avocados also contain specific necessary vitamins like A, D, E, and B2, which are essential for promoting healthy hair growth and nourishing the scalp. To save your hair and scalp from bacteria and other infection-causing foreign elements, avocado also has antioxidants like vitamin E. Many times, polluted air and water cause irreparable damage to the hair, which can only be protected preemptively giving the required nourishment through organic ingredients. Biotin, which is essential for promoting hair follicle growth, is also present in a reasonable amount.

Avocado Hair Masks

The best thing about avocados is that they have an effortlessly blending texture, and that’s why there are plenty of avocado hair mask DIY methods. You can combine them with honey, curd, mayonnaise, eggs, coconut oil, olive oil, or henna for preserving the original gloss and bounce of your beautiful locks. To get the best results, don’t forget to blend avocados minutely so that there are no lumps left. It is always better to use organic shampoo to wash your hair after applying the mask.


Hair masks, unlike other hair treatments, don’t require many efforts and can be easily made and applied at homes. All you need is the right ingredients and half an hour! Most of the experts agree with the fact that home-made masks are an easy and effective method to nourish the hair and preserve the shine. Next time you go veggie shopping, don’t forget to put those green berries in your basket.


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