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How Augmented Reality Is Transforming Businesses

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Augmented reality, or AR, is an exciting new technology that’s already being used by businesses all over the world to improve productivity and decrease operating costs. While many people don’t even know what AR is, AR has become so popular that 45% of millennials have already engaged with it at least once. There are plenty of ways that your business can use AR, including manufacturing, digital marketing, sales support, training, and more. Learn how augmented reality can transform your business today!

1| What is augmented reality?

An augmented reality experience involves interaction with a real-world environment where computer-generated enhancements are overlaid on top of what you see. If you’ve ever used Pokémon Go or viewed an old Geico commercial, you’ve experienced augmented reality at some level. Unlike virtual reality, which blocks users from their surroundings, augmented reality melds digital elements into your environment. The result is a more natural experience that makes it easier to learn about or engage with new products or services. And AR can be implemented in just about any business regardless of industry—for example, by using it to create guided tours for clients to help them find their way around a new venue or training tool for employees who need help mastering certain skills.

How is Augmented Reality Used in Business

No matter what you do for a living, it’s very likely that you have a computer—and a powerful one at that. There’s a good chance your computer has an accelerator card in it, and if it doesn’t, there’s a good chance your company uses remote cloud-based virtual servers. In other words, even if your business isn’t techy by nature, it still relies on technology for its success. Considering that technology plays such an important role in our lives—not to mention our professional successes—it makes sense that we want to use advanced tech when we can.

| Recruitment and Training

Think augmented reality will have a huge impact on your business? Put those thoughts into action by looking at how you recruit and train employees. In today’s world, finding qualified job candidates is challenging enough as it is—especially when you consider that jobs often go unfilled for months due to hiring managers’ lack of time to effectively scout out potential employees. With augmented reality, recruitment can become easier than ever before. Need more employees? Simply use an app to hold interviews virtually through 3D avatars over video calls. What’s more, AR-based training can also save companies thousands of dollars by making it easy for workers to remotely receive on-the-job instruction in real-time.

| Product Development

Innovative businesses are always coming up with new ways to simplify or automate processes, making them more efficient. This means less time spent on tasks that can be done by machines, freeing up valuable labor for other projects. While it may seem daunting to introduce potentially disruptive technology into your organization—like augmented reality—the fact is that change isn’t just necessary for growth; it’s inevitable. If you want to avoid being left behind in today’s hyper-competitive market, you need to embrace new technology and learn how it can help improve your business processes.

| Increase sales

There are many ways to increase sales with AR, but one of them can be found in your backyard (literally). Looking for a new pair of shoes? Why not try out several different styles in your living room, kitchen or bedroom before you leave home. The beauty about AR technology is that it removes many of the hassles associated with trying on clothes; no more waiting for a dressing room or being sandwiched between three strangers while looking through racks. A picture might say a thousand words, but it does nothing when people don’t have an idea of what something looks like on them. By utilizing an app, users can see how a dress, suit, or jeans will look on their body without any guesswork involved.

|  AR try before you buy in action

Here’s an example of where it makes sense to use AR. Imagine you’re looking at a new couch online. You can try sitting on that couch in your living room with AR. IKEA has adopted augmented reality for marketing purposes, like its app that lets users try out furniture in their homes before they buy. The IKEA Place app now also integrates Apple’s ARKit so iOS users can place virtual furniture right on top of their real-world surroundings before ordering any of it.

Augmented Reality in Marketing

No longer used just by video game designers, AR has become a mainstream technology that will only continue to grow. For businesses looking to stay relevant in today’s fast-paced world, adopting new technologies like AR into their marketing campaigns will help them connect with consumers on an even deeper level. What exactly is augmented reality? It’s essentially virtual objects (i.e., an advertisement) integrated into real-world surroundings (i.e., your living room). Say you’re browsing for furniture online; if a business incorporates AR into its website. You might see how furniture would look in your home before ever making a purchase. This type of augmented reality marketing allows customers to interact. With brands on an emotional level, allowing them to fully experience products before they buy them.

Examples of using AR to generate buzz

Don’t have a product or service? No problem! There are lots of ways to use AR that don’t require you to develop an app from scratch. In fact, you can try out augmented reality without touching code by using existing content in new and exciting ways. For example, if you were a hotel owner or real estate agent,. You could try placing life-size images of hotel rooms or apartments. Over your actual real estate property, giving potential buyers a better sense of how things will look when built.

| Conclusion

There are countless ways to bring augmented reality to businesses. And you can create a unique platform for your organization by thinking outside of what already exists. From creating a new version of your product. That’s been augmented to accommodate greater functionality. Or adding AR content into presentations or brochures, there are almost infinite opportunities to introduce augmented reality into your business. In fact, as these technologies improve, they will become more accessible and applicable for even those with limited budgets. Get started by taking a look at how others have implemented it. AR technologies in their organizations and make it work for you. If you are looking for inbuilt augmented technologies in your organization. There are many augmented development companies that can help in developing AR technologies.


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