How Alignment of Laser Systems Help Check Accuracy and Reliability of Machine Tools

Many industries use machine tools to produce parts and components. Others manufacture these tools. Regardless, the goal is to achieve accuracy and reliability. Even a small misalignment of a tool could lead to costly consequences. This is why companies depend on the best laser alignment systems available.

Especially when producing a high volume of machine tools, proper alignment is critical. Thanks to technological breakthroughs, companies can now use a state-of-the-art CNC laser alignment system. That means putting outdated techniques to the side.

A lot of companies use cutting-edge equipment to achieve superior finished products. A few examples include metal fabricators, die and mold manufacturers, and specialized short-run production manufacturing companies. They understand the importance of machine tool alignment. For that reason, they either purchase one of the best systems or turn to a trusted source that provides laser alignment services.

Improving Manufacturing Processes

Although CNC laser alignment is essential for many industries, it’s particularly critical for some. For example, one company produces more than 2,000 machine tools annually. For this organization, improving the efficiency of measurements is a priority. Not only is this important as part of the company’s inspection but also its verification process.

Besides needing to get the measurement and alignment of machines tools accurate, this company aims to expedite the production process. So, during the alignment inspections included in the assembly process, it utilized a combination of options. That included conventional tools and one of the best laser alignment systems.

However, the company faced some tough obstacles due to the scale and size of the cast machine tool components. It discovered that the conventional coordinate measuring method used before now created a risk to operational performance. That made the manufacturing process extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive.

The company recognized the dial gauges, autocollimators, and granite squares previously used during assembly no longer sufficed. That’s when company officials began to search for an alternative solution. They could invest in one of the top-of-the-line laser alignment systems or use professional laser alignment services.

A Perfect Solution

This company found a CNC laser alignment solution that worked for the various machine tools. It chose a product from Renishaw, a leader among suppliers of laser alignment systems. It chose a portable all-in-one digital solution. It included a laser transmission, wireless transmitter, and receiver units.

Called an XK10, the company could apply the alignment system to linear rails. This ensured they were flat, parallel, level, square, and straight. They also applied the system to chucks and spindles as a way of assessing the direction of the rotary machines.

Trusted Laser Alignment Services

If you’re concerned about the alignment of your company’s machine tools, Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. (MDS) has several solutions. These include the Renishaw rotary and linear calibration and laser alignment certification. For more information, contact MDS today.

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