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Hot Tips For Shopping For Boho Dresses

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The bohemian look has made a comeback. Bold, colorful, and experimental, bohemian clothing blends the latest trends with old-world sophistication and elegance. Since the hippie years of the 1960s and the early 1970s, bohemian outfits were a staple of free-spirited girls. Whether you are shopping for hippie-inspired dresses in natural fabrics, embroidered with vintage symbols, tasseled with fluorescent patterns, or crocheted with crochet details, Lulu is the ideal place to find today’s hottest bohemian styles in full length to petite lengths. The techniques can be worn to work or a night out with friends.

It is easy to mix and match fabrics in your bohemian dresses to achieve an eclectic and mysterious look in any wardrobe. Bohemian styles tend to include large panels in eye-catching colors, vintage designs, and earth tones. Look for bohemian fabrics in shades of brown, green, blue, red, and gold when searching for the perfect wardrobe addition. Choose materials with a soft hand, including cotton, silk, and cotton-acrylic blends.

If you want something a bit more formal, you can always opt for long, leaner pieces. Long, boho dresses in gorgeous chiffon, velvet, and organza fabrics are stunning additions to any wardrobe. You will love how they can dress up even the most casual of pieces. Choose lightweight, sheer dresses that feature excellent, subtle textured lines. You can wear these adorable boho dresses to work, class, and casual events alike.

These timeless pieces are great for both summer and winter. Stylish bohemian hippie dresses can be worn on a variety of occasions. For spring and summer, try pairing them with loosely fitted cardigans and oversized jackets in pastel colors. For winter, go for heavier layering with faux fur or leather patterns. When wearing these hippie dresses to formal events, make sure they are accompanied by elegant, neutral-colored clothing in darker shades. Remember, they look amazing but do not have to be overpowering!

When it comes to formal evening occasions, you will want to look your best in gorgeous, one-shoulder dresses. If you have a body type that is considered more of a pear, look for the softest flowing fabrics in the form of silk or satin. They will drape beautifully over your frame and bring out your natural pear features. Mini dresses with an ultra-feminine twist are also a great choice to accompany your elegant, sophisticated boho look. If you love the classic punk chick vibe but still want to look sexy and fashionable, opt for eye-catching tights and jewelry so you can pair the piece with the latest gothic fashion trends.

With summer around the corner, be the star of the party in a cute, knee-length mini dress. You will indeed become a hit at that next party if you select one that coordinates well with your natural coloring. Funky, bright colors such as orange, red, yellow, and lime green are ideal choices for this season’s boho look, and they are also the perfect choice for working women and petite women – remember to choose styles that highlight your frame!

In the fall season, you will be able to find many gorgeous formal dresses that will drape beautifully. Look for gowns in floral contrast maxi dress materials. The floral print on the fabric will beautifully drape over your body and accentuate your curves. Choose this style if you want to be noticed and want people to stop and take notice. It is perfect for making a statement!

One other option for wearing boho clothing is to opt for a flowing, sleeveless beaded top. This style is perfect for any occasion. Opt for a blouse dress in floral-print; it is also ideal for workwear and evenings out. For the perfect finishing touch, check out the fantastic beaded jewelry worn with the floral maxi dress. This is a must-have for your boho wardrobe!


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