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How to Maximize Revenue in Hospital Accounts Receivable

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The biggest worry for many at present is to manage the high volume of inpatient hospitalizations all over the country. Nearly all hospitals at present are facing high backlogs due to inconsistent source of billers and coders as workforce. Finding experienced billers that are well equipped with Part A mandates can be tricky.

Astute knowledge on how to file for appeals, bringing about a system that can reduce denials is a farfetched affair for a lot of providers. All you need is a consistent team that can allow you the window to make things better for you in the long run.

However, as me move forward through these extraordinary times, we still do not know how many vendors actually can offer superior support in hospital accounts receivable in the long run.

The biggest worry for many are the rising costs in managing everyday operations. The matters are getting worse with hospitals steadily looking to outsource. But do they have the right option available in the marketplace?

The Sunknowledge story in collecting aging accounts receivable

Over a decade in working with some of the largest insurance companies, TPA’s, we are unique as a revenue cycle management company. Our team delivers actionable support at next door rates and does it all with filing for appeals, working on denials, underpayments, and all. Moreover, a lot of problems start at the front end. We make sure that all your denial sources are mitigated once and for all.

Right now, we are serving some of the largest healthcare providers, hospitals of the country. With an accuracy rate of 99.99%, we make sure that none of your accounts irrespective of their size or source is left untouched. Our team believes in total transparency and promises to reduce your overall costs in operations by 70%.

Looking to know more on how we serve timely purpose? Our experts are a call away! Schedule a no-commitment demonstration with our team and come to know how we set the stage with streamlined hospital accounts receivable collections.


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