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Horizon Oasis FZ LLC is continuing to expand and create new jobs

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Horizon Oasis FZ LLC, with its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates, is aiming for globalisation and is continuing to open up new offices in the Middle East; with this comes the need for valuable human resources with experience in technology and digital development to carry out various day-to-day tasks and thereby continue to take up the position in the market. If you are interested in developing new disruptive technologies or you have experience in any of these areas, read until the end and find out how you can apply to work at Horizon Oasis FZ LLC.

To begin with, what is Horizon Oasis FZ LLC?

If you would like to know what Horizon Oasis FZ LLC is, and why its vision can assist the growth of many small and large companies, read until the end. You will find out how, alongside its founder Cristian Carmona, Horizon Oasis aims to lead the market of developing new technologies based on artificial intelligence and blockchain to generate solid results. These results will enable both beginners and experts to enjoy the benefits offered by blockchains and artificial intelligence in terms of simplifying processes and developing new tools in all production sectors.

What is the future vision of Horizon Oasis FZ LLC?

New disruptive technologies have been created with the aim of removing certain barriers that make access to them impossible for many people; that’s why Horizon Oasis FZ LLC sets out to break down all of the barriers that separate current technologies from people with hardly any digital experience and works hard every day to develop products that are easily accessible to everyone; all while committing to the inclusivity offered by blockchains to facilitate the development of a large quantity of projects globally.

Recruitment of qualified staff

Through its official page on LinkedIn, Horizon Oasis FZ LLC is carrying out a recruitment process of people with experience in developing digital technologies, engineers, developers and others, to continue expanding and offering the best products that can provide added value to clients that are looking to take their projects to the next level.

The requirements that the applicants for these positions must fulfil include the following:

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or in a related field.
  • Availability 7 days a week for emerging needs.
  • Understanding of the solid foundations of networks and operative systems and industry standard architecture.
  • Experience in Blockchain, Financial Services, Banking Domains.
  • Desire to learn from global technology experts.
  • Among many other requirements.

Remember, if you have experience in different technological areas, don’t hesitate any longer and apply via the following links. The Horizon Oasis FZ LLC team will be delight for you to place your knowledge at the service of a greater purpose which is to create a productive ecosystem that can benefit everyone involved.



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