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Hong Kong Drama – What Are Your Favorite Hong Kong Drama Series?

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Hong Kong Drama is the hottest ticket in the Chinese mainland market. Over the past few months, TV viewing numbers in the Far East have surged to become the highest in the world. Many local and foreign visitors are now tuning in to Hong Kong’s popular television series and soap operas en masse. Hong Kong has long been considered a home favourite for Chinese television and movies. The territory has always been respected as one of China’s most successful modern-day commercial cities. This is because of its low cost of living, safe place to live and tolerant foreign and Chinese people.

Hong Kong television dramas usually deal with life matters in the Chinese mainland. However, the entertainment industry has also been diversifying into Hollywood-style drama. This is evident with movies such as Dragon Inn and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, released here in recent years. In addition, TV dramas like I Love Lucy and The Pink Umbrella have also gained huge popularity in the past few years.

Hong Kong’s best-known television dramas star actors George Clooney and Julia Roberts, best known to the American public as their romantic leads. They play the lead roles in some of the best-known shows in the territory. Examples of these popular dramas are Into the Rain, Good Night, and Good Girls, among many others. For the record books, the most-watched drama series in Hong Kong history belongs to the hit television comedy Missing.

The next best Hong Kong Drama series to watch is Happy Days. The popular ABC TV show lasted almost 17 seasons and ranked as the longest-running television show in the Chinese mainland. The show was cancelled after its third season, but it has already garnered some cult followers in the West. The good people of Hong Kong have a soft spot for all things happy. And so it should be of little surprise that Happy Days is still one of China’s most well-watched television shows today.

One of the more recent additions to the Hong Kong television drama list is the movie version of The Widget. The Widget was a Chinese film that told the story of a father struggling to meet the financial needs of his daughter. The movie was a box office hit in China, becoming the first Chinese film to earn over $1 billion worldwide. The movie is set in modern-day Hong Kong and follows the life of its lead character, a widower with a daughter. Viewers who only know the tale of the happy ending may find the movie less enjoyable since the happy ending in this version of The Widget is far different than the one audiences saw in the original.

Next on our list is the television show, The Good Wife. This drama was one of Korea’s most successful and popular shows. The Good Wife follows the story of a middle-aged woman, Park Soo Young, who works as a corporate attorney in New York City. Although her initial career was quite successful, she is devastated when her husband is fired, and she begins to date a man with whom she has very little in common.

The award-winning television series, The Mentalist is now entering its fourth season. In the first few episodes, it was revealed that an eccentric man named Dr Lecter was once the patient of the mentally ill psychiatrist Dr David Grey. He escaped from a mental institution and moved into a small New Hampshire house. There, he slowly obsessed and transformed into a dangerous criminal. The Mentalist is currently up for this year’s World Television Awards award.

Hong Kong’s Next TV Show, Happy Days Hong Kong, followed a different format from most Asian dramas. The story involves a happy family in Hong Kong, where everyone seems busy doing something. This show became popular after being aired on the Chinese news channel CCTV. Different international versions, such as the UK’s Good Morning America, also picked it up. In the Asian version, the characters speak in a foreign language, which is a great help to viewers who are not fluent in that language.


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