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Sunknowledge Services Inc – The Powerhouse of HME Billing Operation

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Today most of the healthcare practices, clinics, hospitals etc are thinking of opting for external RCM solutions for both of their clinical and non-clinical functions to achieve cost-efficiencies. Moreover, outsourcing RCM has also proven to be successful in value-based care models.

Helping in reducing the challenges hospitals, healthcare practices etc, and their CFOs as they face problems in budgeting due to broken cash flow, rising labor cost, outsourcing today held as the highest revenue share of 47.2 % in the medical billing outsourcing market.

Simplify and streamline a complex organizational structure, outsourcing is the best cost-effective solution so far but the real question is how to choose the perfect RCM solution for your HME billing practice?

Helping the practice with the right balance of automation and technology and also supporting you to focus more on patient care management, is one of the areas to look for when outsourcing revenue cycle management. In fact, Sunknowledge Services Inc is one of the leading RCM solutions that make your billing operation easy with faster ROI.

Advantage of Sunknolwedge as HME billing RCM solution-

 An RCM that ensures the highest productivity metrics –eliminate all the preventable expenses while decreasing the overall operational expenditure our team of expert billers and coders works on helping the practice earn more and on investing further to make the patient life and treatment process adequate. Maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate in the complete billing operation, with continuous follow-up, our experts also work on obtaining a first pass collection rate of 97% as well. Furthermore, lesser backlogs or lost revenue which is also key towards a thriving billing operation, we today have excellent industry references across the whole US.

strong>An experienced support team – a seamless and efficient billing operation is the key to better reimbursement and it is only possible if you have a strong experienced team who has complete billing process knowledge and awareness of present industry billing changes and mandates. As it helps in the understanding of insurance, payer’s requirements, changing billing mandates, new codes faster and help them work accordingly.

Helps you with better patient care management – improving your billing operation and key performance indicators (KPIs) by ensuring data and coding accuracy, reduced denial rates, timely claims submission and improvement in DSO, etc, RCM that take the complete billing responsibility further helps to focus on the patient care /clinical side of the business.

Helping many leading names in the HME space, Sunknowledge Services Inc today is part of 100s clientele known for seamless HME billing operation and continuous cash flow. So, call our experts and get to know how we can change your complete billing operation at no time at a cost-effective rate.


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