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HirinGuru – Online Coding Assessments Platform for Technical Hiring

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What is HirinGuru?As per stats, more than 250 candidates apply for the single job vacancy; that’s big, right? Also, it means that organizations need to sort through tons of resumes and shortlist the most suitable candidates. It’s safe to say that recruitment is a clumsy task. Still, nobody wants to hire the wrong candidate (it wastes time, money, and other resources!).
That being said, imagine asking the HR personnel to hire the coder or programmer; he won’t know the correct interview questions and assessment tests. For this purpose, the automated recruiting platforms are extremely beneficial as it allows organizations to hire the best candidate remotely and in-person. This is why we are talking about HirinGuru, so let us dive into the details!

What is HirinGuru?

HirinGuru is the silver lining for every business that wants to hire the best talent. This is because it brings in advanced tools and features to automate and streamline the recruitment and technical recruitment process. HirinGuru has a cloud-based system that has truly revolutionized the recruitment process, especially for the companies that need to hire programmers, coders, and developers.
It is designed to streamline the complicated recruitment processes, hence the easy and convenient process. HirinGuru has automated and high-tech features, such as skill tests, aptitude tests, and questionnaires. These tests will help gauge the expertise level of every candidate. As a result, it ensures that the hired candidate has the required skill set and expertise, you need against an open position.
HirinGuru has been designed with advanced artificial intelligence-based tools that help choose the right eligibility criteria for hiring the right candidate. There are hypothetical coding tests for assessing different candidates, so the assessments are practical and realistic. For a more in-depth review, we have outlined different features of HirinGuru below!

Features of HirinGuru

What is HirinGuru?

For the most part, HirinGuru has high-end tools and advanced features, which brings a competitive advantage to this recruiting platform. As far as the features are concerned, they include the following;

Easy Sign-In

This feature is on the top for all the right reasons. This is because HirinGuru delivers the easy sign-in function. The companies don’t need to fill out the extensive forms or add any detail from scratch. There is a single-step sign-in function, which means organizations can use the current social media and Google accounts for signing in.

Built-In IDE

HirinGuru has been integrated with an interactive and user-friendly IDE. The IDE is the integrated development environment with which candidates can submit the answer to questions on the platform. Even more, the platform will automatically check and verify the answers instantly. That being said, there won’t be any need for external verification and checking applications.

Stock Question Bank

Stock questionnaire bank comes in handy for companies who are in immediate need of hiring technical candidates against an open position. HirinGuru’s stock question bank includes hundreds of thousands of technical questions and MCQs that are developed under the guidance and supervision of industry experts. This ensures that the questions against each position are technically structured to assess the complete technical skills of the candidates. The platform enables businesses to either choose assessments completed from the stock question bank or customize the tests to include specific questions they would want to be included.

Coding Assessments

Along with the predesigned questionnaires, the platform also allows businesses to create customized questionnaires or coding assessment tests. The assessment and coding tasks can be developed in multiple programming languages and can include everything (questions, MCQs, coding tests, and others) to assess the technical prowess of candidates. As a result, evaluating the expertise, technical knowledge, and skill level of the candidates becomes much reliable and streamlined.

Advanced Cheating Detection

This is a unique feature of HirinGuru, which allows the companies to detect the plagiarism and cheating done by the candidates during tests. HirinGuru will record the cheating attempts and will help evaluate the candidates.
Programming Language Support
HirinGuru has been integrated with the multiple programming language support, which allows the companies to develop different assessments and tests. The programming languages include C, C#, JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, C++, AI-ML.

Enterprise Ready

HirinGuru is a flexible recruitment platform that promises its suitability for a variety of businesses, irrespective of scale and size. This means that every business can use HirinGuru for screening the candidates and hire the right candidate.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and analytics are the most important tools because they determine the accuracy of the results. HirinGuru has precise reporting and analytics tools that provide better insights into candidate’s performance. In addition, the tool has an in-depth design that helps assess the skills and performance of the candidates.


HirinGuru has designed an elaborate range of pricing plans. This means that organizations can use the most suitable plan, respective to the hiring requirements and budgets. On top of everything, the users will have access to the extensive question bank and resource pools. The pricing plans include the following;

  • Pay as you go – $10 for one test attempt
  • Starter – $240 monthly
  • Business – $500 monthly
  • Enterprise – on-demand features that impact the final pricing

The Benefits of Choosing HirinGuru

For the most part, there is an extensive range of benefits associated with HirinGuru. It can be used for streamlining the recruitment processes, such as sorting through resumes and hiring the final candidate. In essence, HirinGuru raises the bar of the hiring and recruitment standards. Even more, it’s perfect for every business, irrespective of the business size and budget.
HirinGuru delivers the in-depth performance and assessment analysis of every candidate that allows the organizations to assess their experience, skills, weaknesses, and strengths. HirinGuru can be integrated with the applicant tracking system that streamlines the entire recruitment process. Overall, it’s a great platform!

The Bottom Line

To sum up, HirinGuru is arguably the most optimal recruiting and assessment platform as compared to the competitors. This is mainly because the features are high-end, and the pricing plans are extremely competitive, hence higher value for the organization. It’s designed to optimize the technical hiring process, resulting in effortless recruiting!


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