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High-Risk Payment Gateway and High-Risk Merchants

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High-Risk Payment Gateway

High-Risk Payment Gateway is a customized payment processor provided only to high-risk merchants. These high-risk traders are rejected by their native financial institutions and do not have access to trader services. According to those financial institutions businessmen like you are always surrounded by many risk-factors which are neither good for their goodwill nor your revenue. In this situation they get stuck in the same place where they were in the past and in these situations most of the businesses shut down very quickly. But supporters like Highrisk Gateways came forward to help such businessman so that they can keep growing without any hassle. International market has its own standard parameters and every single businessman has to follow them unless they want to stand out from the competition.

Those financial institutions confirm that the projects in which they are going to invest have the ability to reduce the possibilities of multiple chargeback, online fraud on their website and many more in one day.

Benefits of High-Risk Payment Gateway

Convenience at Paying Bills

Most payment processors do not provide the facility of multi-currency trading which is a drawback for the payment processor to help the merchant. But our payment gateway allows you to accept payment or transact of your choice and your customers will be at the convenience with the option that they can easily pay their bills in their own currency.

For more convenience of your customers we add a feature called alternate payment mode. This means there will now be multiple options to make payments, now your customers can have multiple options to pay as per their requirements and convenience. Those options can be – NFT, PayPal, E-Check and Debit Card.

Most Commonly Used Mode of Payment

But you must have noticed that most of the global population prefers to use credit cards as the mode of payment while making online purchases. This reason is enough to tell you that you need to accept credit card payments as well. But some payment processors available in the international market may not accept credit card payments due to some reasons. But with our payment gateway you can accept any type of card for your bill payment.

High-Value Transactions

Businesses like you take orders in bulk for wholesalers and need a powerful processor to process those transactions fast. With our payment gateway you can do multiple transactions at once, it uses a large-value payment service to provide you high-value transactions.

Faster Check-In

You can offer Global Card Saving facility to your customers for faster check-in. It seems that you do not understand, so let us tell. You and we can both be customers of many other businesses, right? So at that time we need fast transaction but website says fill your card details many times a day. What if, you’re going to waste time; you’ll find another website so slow transactions don’t bother you too much, right?

What It Helps To Reduce

This helps in reducing the chargeback rates, because when you provide your services on time without any hassle. So, it is clear that you will not get any chargeback till then. Second you will be able to attract attention from many helpful international businesses and it will definitely help in boosting the growth of your business. This will help reduce the chances of online threats. The main cause of online threats is unsafe websites. Insecure websites invite several risks no privacy for both customer and merchant and you will be downgraded in the eyes of Google and this will definitely affect your Google ranking. The most common online threats are online scammers, credit card fraudsters and viruses. For that we provide you a 3D security of SSL DSS which makes your website secure from these dark elements and give you an instant boost in your ranking on Google.

Credit Card Processing

Many characters are involved in this process and they all have their own importance for this task. Where the payment processor takes the responsibility of notifying each and every one of them about the transaction and the card association takes into account all the guidelines and asks all to follow them strictly. This process usually takes more than a day to complete. Finally, the sales payment is transferred to the merchant’s account. Our payment gateway supports fast credit card processing and completes transactions in less than a day. And you don’t need to worry about delay in payment or getting stuck in any way as this processor is associated with many acquiring banks.

Highriskgateways.in never breaks its promises and delivers on time whether it is a high risk trader or an offshore trader. Contact us through the details given below.


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