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Hidden Benefits of Infographics

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If you’re not implementing advantage of the power of infographics with regards to your content marketing strategy, you’re significantly missing out! Since 2012, search volumes for infographics have raised over 800 per cent!

Not only are infographics visually attractive and exciting to look at, but they’re also an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

It should not be too surprising, infographics consider the informative link with data and marry it with the design elements of graphics. What would usually be dry data jumps from the page with images, metaphors and colours that gives data to life?

Here are six benefits of infographics


Infographics must be eye-catching, colourful as well as draw the viewer’s eye. Information needs to be easily readable or scan and get your message across promptly. Visual content is processed a whopping 60,000 X faster in the brain than text and 90% of info transmitted is visual. Now can you see the benefits of infographics?

Infographics Present You’re a professional

Many people are impressed with figures but put figures and graphics jointly and you have a relationship created in heaven.

When you share your expertise by using an infographic, you’re not just positioning yourself as the professional, you’re also boosting your brand’s reliability. The study required to develop a compelling infographic takes time, experience, and knowledge, something your readers don’t have before you give it to them.

Infographics Boost your Audience

Infographics that are designed down to a tee can have an excellent impact on your search engine optimisation such as link building. Businesses and bloggers that are a fan of your infographic can link back to your website if they find your infographic helpful or appropriate.

Infographics Enhance SEO

A properly designed and aesthetically pleasing infographic enables you to improve SEO. Infographics drive visitors to your website because they are more prone to “share” and “click” on it. Also, this assists with Google’s “Page Rank” algorithm, which is vital for SEO.

Incredibly shareable

Infographics are quite shareable. For instance, an infographic posted on a blog or website usually gives an embed code. This code allows an automatic link from the primary site to yours. They are also simply shared on social networks and have a greater chance of becoming viral rather than text.

Infographics Boost fun and engagement

Infographics are a fun and engaging approach that can develop a unique connection with visitors to either your website or a place that has displayed your infographic.

An Infographic By: Submitcube.com

How to Promote your Infographics

There are several smart ways to get your infographic viewed. So without more ado, let’s start and check out what they are.

Create SEO-optimized supporting content

Posting an infographic like a stand-alone bit of content is a grave blunder. Let’s remember that infographics are graphics and Google doesn’t read graphics the way it reads text.

Enable social sharing buttons along with an embed code

While posting the infographic, ensure you add social sharing buttons by the side that inspire people to share the infographic on their social media platforms. Enabling social sharing buttons serves as an immediate reminder, drives shares and increases visitors to your website.

Submit to infographic websites

The easiest method to promote your infographic is to submit an infographic to infographic websites. These are websites that keep a huge database of infographics.

Here’s a list of infographic websites you can submit your infographic to:

Infographic Reviews
Fast Company
Infographics Showcase
Infographic Bee
Daily Infographic
Mashable Infographics
Cool Infographics
Infographic Journal
Air Infographics

Make tiny content on social media

The most powerful method to promote your infographic and get the highest attention is by using social media platforms.
You must have a strong social media marketing plan focused on making interest in the infographic. How do you do that? By creating appealing tiny content.

Multiply your email list

An email list is an effective asset to have. It provides you access to some loyalists who have shown their interest in talking with you. Hence, you must share your infographic with them.

Get in touch with bloggers and influencers additional way to raise promotion and reach a larger audience is by joining up with bloggers and influencers. The initial step is creating a list of relevant bloggers and influencers who speak to a related audience.

Share it on forums and communities

Forums for example Reddit and Quora and social media groups are fantastic places to share your posts with a focused and relevant audience. Discover forums and communities that your target audience will probably be part of.

Promote your infographic offline

People often neglect offline marketing unless it’s for a specific purpose, like advertising an event with printed posters. But it’s still a powerful way to share content.


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