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Here’s What Happens When You Drive with Worn Out Brakes

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There aren’t too many things as annoying as having to deal with squealing brakes while driving. It can even reach such extreme levels where you don’t feel like braking, just to avoid listening to the squeals. We don’t have to tell you that this can get dangerous. That’s not all, as there are various other signs of having worn out brakes. Moreover, there’s a lot that could go wrong if you continue driving with worn out brakes. Let’s take a look at some of the more significant risks.

You could damage the brake callipers

The brake module consists of various moving parts, and it can be difficult to ascertain where the damage lies. As a result, if you continue driving with worn out brakes, you could risk damaging vital parts like the brake callipers.

Your brakes may have a slow response time

As your brakes wear out further, it could result in reduced functionality. It can become harder for you to slow down, and even come to a complete stop. A good indication of how worn your brakes are is to check the response time. If you feel like it takes slightly longer for the brakes to activate, it’s highly likely that your brakes are reaching critical levels of wear and tear.

If your car starts vibrating every time you use the brakes

It goes without saying that a good brake system results in smooth braking. Similarly, when the brake pads are getting worn out, especially when it reaches excessive levels, you’re likely to feel vibrations every time you use the brakes. If the car shakes a lot, or the steering wheel vibrates upon braking, it’s a red flag that your brakes need to be serviced.

Your tyres could get worn out too

It’s not just the brakes that face significant risks, but your tyres too. In general, harder braking tends to have an adverse effect on your tyres. With worn out brakes, especially once your rotors, pads, or callipers are damaged, you start braking a lot harder than average. As a result, it tends to damage your tyres too, causing them to wear out even quicker. A more complicated situation entails your tyres becoming unbalanced as a result of your worn out brakes.
All in all, you’re probably wondering if you can drive with worn out brakes. The answer to that is yes. However, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. As we’ve covered in this piece, worn out brakes can wreak havoc on various other components, so it’s never advisable to drive with worn out brakes.

More importantly,

Getting your brake pads replaced when required will ensure your car and all its components have a longer life. You also get a much better driving experience. Getting a simple brake inspection can help you avoid any significant issues in the long run.

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