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Here’s How You Can Utilize Instagram for Business!

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Instead of a regular account, it is always good to create a business profile on Instagram. This is not without reason, as you benefit from certain features like business ads and analytics, which may not be accessible to a regular account holder.

Instagram is an excellent place for people to explore different kinds of products. As a result, it goes a long way to increase business sales. With Social Media Services in Delhi, you can design the optimal Instagram strategy for your business.  

How to Optimize Instagram Business Profile?

  • Name

The name of your company should also be your account’s name. One of the best ways to improve your profile’s search rank and get more followers is by adding keywords in your profile name. 

  • Bio

Write a bio that instantly prods people’s curiosity and encourages them to follow you. This also increases your chances of gaining more website visits.

  • Website

Redirect people to the page that shows them your products and encourages them to click the buy option. Please don’t go with the rest of the business profiles, as most of them only focus on sending people to the home page of their website.

Design a Marketing Strategy for Instagram

  • Create a Customer Persona

Using analytics, you can identify your target market. For more customer insights, interviews and surveys serve as excellent tools. This data will help you create a customer persona, using which you can strategize how to get the right message across.

  • Set One Objective

Setting only one objective for each of your social media marketing campaigns is more than enough. It helps you maintain focus without creating any distraction, as opposed to having multiple objectives.

  • Develop Your Posting Schedule

Another thing that matters a lot in social media marketing is the time and frequency of posting stuff. Post regularly for gaining brand visibility and followers. Identify the right time to post and then follow the schedule consistently.

Instagram Business Profile Best Practices

  • Post More Videos

Most people focus on posting photos which makes their profile ordinary. However, videos allow your business profile to be recognized as they help in increasing customer engagement.

  • Write Eye-catching Captions

Captions may not be the first thing to catch people’s eye, but they sure make your videos or photos more attractive. Make sure not to write captions of more than 50 characters.

  • Tag Products

Instagram has a feature that allows you to tag products. Since you can’t attach the website link to your posts, tagging products is the best way to drive website traffic.


With north of a billion active userbase, Instagram has become one of the most successful platforms where businesses can market their products. Your marketing strategy can take up various forms such as photos, stories, videos, and ads. TYC Communication provides the Best Social Media Services in Delhi and can help you design an effective Instagram marketing strategy. It can assist you in optimizing your business account using the best practices.


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