Here’s How I Did It: Proper Dehydration

Cut the fruit product into slight cuts. There’s no compelling reason to utilize a mandoline; however, assuming you need consistency, I’m sure Dehydration will not harm you. I will say that the more slender pieces—the cuts I shaved off the natural product—adhered to the microwave surface. As I’m sure you’d envision, the thick slices were squishier and gummier when they emerged from the microwave (which was not something I disapproved of!). Essentially, attempt to get slim cuts, yet don’t go off the deep end.

Wash and dry the turning plate of the microwave Dehydrator, as you’ll put your fruit product straightforwardly onto it. If you have a microwave-safe silicone mat similar to a Silpat, you can utilize that (however, it won’t fit pleasantly into your microwave).

Put the fruit product cuts onto the microwave plate, giving them space to breathe (something like an inch or two).

Set the clock for 30 minutes!

In any case, one moment! Ensure no doubt about its “thaw out” setting. The following is an image of what occurred to my mango cuts when I inadvertently destroyed them on the standard microwave setting (for only a few minutes):

Return 30 minutes after the fact and flip the fruit product (watch out: It’ll be hot!). Dehydration very well may be done, or it may utilize a couple of moments in case you find it genuinely clammy. While the cut apple required something within 30 and 33 minutes, the pear and the mango (juicier natural products!) required more than 45.

Move the fruit product to a cooling rack. If it’s not as fresh as you’d like, you can get it dried out further in a low-temperature (200° to 275° F) broiler. Since I lean toward my natural product with a tad of giving and bite, I left it with no guarantees.

Appreciate how your fruit dryer has helped you, and answer “yes” to this inquiry.

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