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Here’s a Jacket That You Buy Once in a Lifetime (graphene-infused GAMMA jacket)

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Jacket not always great to have a wardrobe filled with clothes that makes you rethink what to wear for any given event or trip. Planning which pieces to pack for a holiday can be challenging if you anticipate a sudden weather change, which can be more likely in certain places. Colder weather typically demands the wearer to layer up and bring bulky clothes, putting many things with a singular purpose in the travel case.

Luckily, there’s a way to save some storage space. Modern clothing is designed to be worn in multiple climates, adapting to the environment more efficiently than traditional pieces. The apparel uses innovative materials and production methods to create more durable and long-lasting clothing that can be worn in more settings and does not sacrifice comfort in achieving great functionality. For example, Wear Graphene is a crowdfunded clothing brand with an initial offering, the graphene-infused GAMMA jacket, that may revolutionize the clothing scene.

Graphene is one of the newest materials discovered, isolated in 2004 and earning a Nobel Prize at the beginning of the following decade. It is often hailed as supermaterial or supreme Graphene due to its extraordinary properties. The material is composed of a single carbon layer in a hexagonal lattice. While this form is similar to the vastly more common graphite, that’s where the similarities end. Graphene is exceptionally light due to its composition, with an enormous surface-to-mass ratio that helps maintain high energy conductivity throughout the lattice. Contrary to what its structure would suggest, Graphene is also highly durable and resistant to other particles.

The GAMMA jacket uses these properties to create clothing adaptable to the wearer’s surroundings. The graphene-nylon blend can distribute the wearer’s body heat evenly throughout the coat, providing the wearer with excellent air insulation in colder weather. If body heat isn’t enough, built-in heaters also pick up the slack, bringing the jacket to a toasty 60 degrees Celsius in minutes. In warmer weather, the blend’s UV reflective properties keep the jacket cool in the sun and siphon away heat from the body. The material is also moisture-wicking, keeping the user dry throughout strenuous activities.

The jacket is super easy to maintain as well. Since graphene-infused fibers are developed for durability, the jacket can shrug off any cuts, scrapes, or nicks. You won’t have to worry about damaging a pricy piece of apparel. The GAMMA is also completely waterproof and wind-resistant, providing a much-needed shield from stormy weather. With so much focus on durability and longevity, the GAMMA jacket is advertised as a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, capable of outlasting all other clothes in one’s possession.

Apart from its weather-adaptability, the jacket exemplifies practicality and versatility through its intelligent and feature-rich design. The high collar and hood on the jacket are perfect for keeping the wearer’s head warm and dry. The integrated finger gloves and Velcro cuffs give the wearer more customization options for their hands and doing so without affecting mobility. One of the best additions to the jacket is its 10 pockets scattered around the torso and hands. All external zippers are water-resistant, protecting the valuables inside the pockets from the rain without any trouble.

Apart from being functional, the jacket is also incredibly stylish. You can use this jacket daily by donning it over a T-shirt or any comfortable shirt and completing the look with your favorite pants and shoes. The possibilities with the GAMMA jacket are endless, especially since it’s so compatible with layering up, allowing you to play with designs and colors.

You can also use this jacket for sporting activities, complementing other equipment. Due to its water-resistant and moisture-wicking design will work equally well for extreme snow sports and summertime trips.

As one of the most remarkable materials, Graphene and its use in the fashion industry can be a revolution towards long-lasting, low-encumbrance clothing for every occasion.


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