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Helpful Tools to Write Engaging Content to Boost Your SEO

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SEO in the current timings has become a lot essential to survive in the online market. However, developing good quality content consistently is challenging. You have to write something that not just reads and looks good but also sells well.

The success of your webpage depends greatly on the traffic flow. Thus, you need to consider various other SEO considerations to ensure you are writing engaging content.

There are numerous elements to consider. However, to ease, you can use tools for assistance. Besides, it will be beneficial if you take help from an SEO in Melbourne, as this will guarantee your content is well optimised and engaging to get positive results.

Tools to improve the content

1. Google Trends

A basic question that strikes in mind is what to write about? No doubt you can rely on your gut and just wing it. You can write contents that are engaging to you, and you will like to see it online. However, unfortunately, you cannot rely on luck or your personal preference. Therefore, it is essential to know about the specific types of topics for popular posts and receive higher click rates. This will help you connect with the targeted audience.

For getting accurate and reliable data, you can always get help with Google Trends. Google, in the current time, is a highly dominated search engine used globally. No matter what your business does or where it currently stands, having higher rankings in the search engine is still the key to better traffic on a website.

Using Google Trends, you can find the recent trending topics, related queries about them and use your geographical location to find the topic suitable for your niche.

2. Google Keyword Planner

Finding the right keyword is an essential step to increase the traffic. Using the right keywords in your content will ensure the search engine crawlers can understand your niche and cover the topics. Understanding which keyword will help you gain benefits is the key. For this, you can use keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner. When you enter some basic keywords in the tool, it will offer you suggestions and extensions to the topic, which you might not have thought of before.

The planner will show you the average search number for a particular keyword you are interested in. This will help assure you choose the best for your website.

3. Website Auditor’s Content Editor

The tool is highly preferred for creating and editing content. It is a word processor app that comes loaded with numerous SEO features. Thus, you have the benefit of creating and editing web pages using customised SEO tips and tricks.

As you are writing content about your future page, the tool will give you lots of suggestions to improve your content. You will get the right help which will help expand your page and guarantee better traffic

4. Yoast’s Real Prime Content Analysis

Yoast is a popular WordPress plugin that has already helped millions of people to take their SEO to great heights. This content creator offers similar functionality to the website auditor. But it comes with a particular WordPress add on to it.

The tool combines the word processor and SEO functionalities under one roof. Further, as it is a web-based service, you can edit your page from anywhere, anytime

5. Buffer

You must know the success of your content, not just rely on the content. Both content marketing and SEO requires the same things to be successful, which is the Buzz. While content marketing, there are shares, likes and clicks the search engines craves for organic backlinks.

Organic links are proof that your page is great and the audience is finding them useful. To get organic links, you must find people linking back to your content, meaning you have to encourage sharing and engagement. Thus, using SEO and content marketing together will be beneficial.

A buffer is a great tool to coordinate the publishing process and analyse social media data for a higher success rate. In the platform, you can find the type of reach you get when you post new content and how the audience is responding to it. The tool comes loaded with great knowledge, which will help improve the spread of your content and ultimately position it as a useful page or search engine at a higher ranking.


In competitive times like now, one has to use SEO and content marketing to gain adequate traffic on a website. Therefore, you must take help from an SEO expert in Melbourne. The SEO experts in Melbourne can help develop unique and fresh content for your website. With their help and assistance, your website will perform well in the search engine and achieve positive results.


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