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Helpful Tips To Maintain The Outdoor Blinds At Your Place

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Outdoor blinds have high utility in our home, apart from just keeping the sun’s harsh rays away from our house and protecting our privacy. Due to their elegant and stylish looks, they also add to the financial value of our house. Blinds are also important for maintaining the privacy and safety of our family.

While getting them maintained by a professional blinds company is a good idea, we too need to take some efforts to ensure their smooth functioning and added value. Well-maintained outdoor blinds can work smoothly for many years without any major repairs or changes being required.

Tips to help you take good care of your outdoor blinds.

  1. Avoid using the outdoor blinds in high wind conditions as the blinds may not work smoothly. The motor that operates the blinds may not function efficiently, leading to problems in their opening or closure. The wind forces may be also be too strong compared to the motor, resulting in more force and energy required by the motor to open the blinds, which could cause breakdowns later. It is also advisable to roll the blinds up during high winds to avoid any damage to them.
  2. Do not roll up the blinds if they are wet or too moist due to the rains. The rainwater may collect within the surface of the blinds and damage them. Do wait for the outdoor blinds to dry up completely, or wipe them dry with a cloth before you roll them up.
  3. Outdoor blinds that are made of tinted PVC material offer the best protection from dust, debris and rain. You can clean these blinds periodically using just a soft cloth to have no scratches formed on their surfaces. Do read the cleaning instructions mentioned by the manufacturer of the blinds before cleaning them with any chemicals or soap and water.
    Most manufacturers prefer avoiding using chemicals or lubricants to clean the blinds as they may react with the surfaces and cause color discoloration or scratches. You should ideally use only the cleaning methods and materials suggested by the manufacturer to avoid any problems with the blinds at a later stage. Another good way to clean the blinds of dirt and bird droppings occasionally is to hose them down with fresh water. Just make sure that the water pressure is not too high, or you may end up damaging their delicate structure.
  4. Do check the batteries of the motor operating the outdoor blinds regularly and replace them if required. This will ensure better longevity of the motor being used to operate the blinds. In case the motor works by electrical charging, the same should be done at preset intervals to avoid operating the blinds.
  5. The outdoor blinds should normally be in the extended position i.e., vertically opened. This helps the material used to make the blinds maintaining shape. If the blinds are too tight and don’t open up easily, you should loosen the tension a bit to help the blinds move more freely and smoothly.

Outdoor Blinds Have Many Practical Uses, So Do Maintain Them Properly

Outdoor Blinds
Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds are a much-needed accessory for the house and help protect your home from the sun while extending the usable area around your house. They also play an important role in protecting your furniture and furnishings placed near windows while helping your house remain cooler by keeping the sun out. Cleaning and maintaining them regularly will help them be used for many years without any repairs or breakdowns.


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