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List Of Heavy Construction Equipment and Their Uses

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Building construction requires a wide range of tools and heavy equipment. Heavy-duty vehicles such as vac trucks, dumpers etc., are used to complete the construction work efficiently.  These heavy-duty equipment’s require efficient handling to ensure the safety of workers and the prevention of unnecessary ground damages at the construction site. This article includes a list of the most common construction equipment.

Heavy construction equipment

Heavy construction equipment includes heavy machines, trucks and hand-held tools. The right tools and equipment are essential for the on-time completion of a construction project. Ideally, the equipment used in construction should be environment-friendly, speedy and precise.

The most common types of construction equipment are mentioned below:

  1. Earth Moving Equipment
  2. Construction Vehicle
  3. Material Handling Equipment
  4. Construction Equipment

These construction equipment’s are used in both large and small-scale construction industries. These are also used for building and structural construction, hydrovacing, road construction, underwater and power project.

Earthmoving equipment comprises a broad range of machines used in almost all jobs, from home building to large-scale civil projects.


It is the most commonly used construction equipment that consists of a boom, dipper(stick), bucket, and a cab on a rotating base known as a house. It works like a power shovel. Excavators are used in digging, material handling, forestry work, demolition, mining, snow removal, daylight and many other projects.

Excavators also have many types according to material or purpose. Hydrovac excavation is the most efficient, safest and precise comparatively. It uses high-pressure water to move the earth’s surfaces. Then, a high-volume vacuum is used to collect the debris (also called slurry) into truck-mounted containers.


Backhoe is also a type of excavator equipment, also known as a back actor. It comprises of a bucket digging at the end of an articulated arm in two parts. This bucket is usually fitted to the rear of a tractor or front-end loader, which forms a backhoe loader. It digs by drawing earth backward rather than lifting it in the opposite motion like shovelling.


A bulldozer, usually known as a dozer, is a powerful machine. It is used for pushing earth or rocks, road building, farming, construction, and wrecking. The unit consists of a tractor with a blade to push material, grading and demolishing. It travels on continuous tracks at speed the same as a bicycle. However, it usually runs faster backward than forward.


Grader is a long vehicle with a long blade used to create a flat surface during road grading. It has three axles with a steering wheel in front, followed by a grading blade and a cab and engine. Some graders consist of front-wheel drive for better performance. Some have optional rear attachments. In winters, graders can be used for snowplowing. However, a vac truck is safer and more efficient than a grader when used for snow removal.


Trenchers are used for digging trenches, used primarily for installing pipes or electrical cables, drainage pipes. A traditional unit consists of a metal chain with high resistance steel teeth to drill the ground like a chainsaw. There are two types of trenchers: wheel trenchers, chain trenchers. They both have a different purpose. There is also a portable trencher used for landscapers and lawn care specialists. The use of hydrovac excavators for trenching, daylighting, and potholing is becoming more common because of its precision and safety.

Dump trucks

Dump trucks, also known as dumpers, are used for carrying materials like sand or demolished waste. It consists of an open box bed attached at the rear and equipped with hydraulic rams to dump the material. During manual excavation or construction processes, dumpers are used for effective waste handling. However, a vac truck has a mounted container that collects slurry with the help of a high-volume vacuum. Thus, it removes the dependency on dump trucks and saves more money in the long run.

Tower cranes

Tower cranes are mainly used for mega construction projects, bridges, and oversized buildings. The highest reach of these cranes is 230 feet or 70 meters and can lift a maximum of 19.8 tons or 18 metric tons of weight. It is fixed to the ground on a concrete slab. Operators of tower cranes work under life insurance in case of any mishap.


Construction equipment like vac trucks, dumpers and tower cranes are used to complete construction projects in the shortest possible time. However, it is also imperative to take safety precautions to avoid mishaps. Careless handling of manual tools and equipment can cause severe damages and injury. Hydrovac excavation is the safest, most precise and efficient option in this regard.


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