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Why Do a Hearing Screening Tests?


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When you damage or lose your hearing, it is sometimes impossible to cure it. Of course, it is possible to put on a hearing aid and live without worries, but it is essential to make a diagnosis as soon as possible. Let’s find out together why to have a hearing screening test at the first symptoms. Let’s go! 

To assess the level of hearing loss.

A hearing test is not done to wear a hearing aid, but only to assess the level of hearing loss. If you have any doubts about your hearing ability, contact a professional right away for a check-up. The diagnosis is free! 

When to make an appointment for a hearing assessment?

  • When we think that others do not articulate in a correct way
  • When we increase the sound of the TV compared to others 
  • When you have trouble concentrating in a group or in noise, hearing on the phone, or deciphering consonants 
  • Dizziness, ringing, or ringing in the ears 
  • Discomfort when you are in a noisy environment 

If you recognize yourself in any of these symptoms, quickly go to a professional to have the hearing screening test done. 

Note that there is no particular age for making the diagnosis. Sure, older people are naturally prone to hearing loss, but anyone can be affected, regardless of their age. 

Why react quickly? 

When we have doubts about our hearing ability, it is essential to take the screening test as soon as possible. Why? 

According to healthcare professionals, hearing loss increases the risk of falls, senile dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, be aware that hearing loss often sets in gradually and symmetrically that the person does not realize. 

In addition, remember that our ears are as important as our eyes and also deserve to be checked from time to time. 

Take the online hearing test!

Today, it is possible to pass the diagnosis online, and in less than 3 minutes. Phonak Hearing Test provides an online solution to test our level of hearing loss. 

The diagnosis consists of two parts:

  • Determine the ability to hear frequency levels;
  • Answer certain questions about your ability to hear in difficult listening situations;

Once the two parts are completed, the tool presents the result of the test to you and shows you the procedure to follow to resolve the problem. Of course, it is possible to put on digital hearing aids and live without worries, but it is essential to make a diagnosis as soon as possible.

It is also possible to make an appointment with an ENT. Moreover, he is the only specialist who is able to prescribe treatment, a hearing aid, or refer the patient to surgery. At ENT, the test takes place in three stages:

  • The interrogation
  • Otoscopy
  • Audiogram
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