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Health And Fitness App Development: Its Cost And Must-Have Features

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Health and fitness applications are using the current pandemic situation in the best way. Coronavirus has changed the world and the way people used to think about fitness, immunity, and well being. This is what has increased the business of the applications that are related to it. For example, though people are mostly inside their houses they have still cultivated a habit of walking with the help of the goal-based step count apps.

There is an application for every requirement of users. It may be counting the calories of the food that they ate or how much they ran. They can store their details like weight, blood pressure, and other things and compare them over time. In short, the ideas are enough to make an app and there are enough people who use it as well. The industry is growing and not going anywhere anytime soon. There are some things that they need to understand though an experienced healthcare app development company.

A History of Fitness App Development

The health application is not that old. Talking about a fitness mobile application development company, in the year 2008, Google was one of the few companies that started their own health services called Google Health Services. That was a program that the world wanted to trust. The program didn’t get the amount of popularity that it should have because of the lack of internet in the world but if it was launched today, it could break the internet.

Google has minds that understand how to make things that are just what people need. But, Google Health Services failed. There are many people who come up with many reasons for this and the one that we think is legit is that 2011 was not such a good time to launch it. Google had to abandon the project in the following year after being in operation since 2008.

The Types of Fitness Apps

Now is a good time for any fitness app that is made after proper research and marketed properly to get anywhere. A healthcare mobile app development company has evolved a lot.

Given below are some of the examples of the types of fitness applications:

1Workout and Exercise Apps

These applications focus on workouts. These can help people to schedule their workouts. They can also help them to make a plan for their day and what and to plan how to do certain different exercises. Let’s look at these in detail and understand what do they do:

2. Personal Trainer Apps

These applications are just like gym trainers but just in a physical, mostly readable form. Applications have become smart and are now providing audio and video training to their users. Users get complex exercise routines and are given a specific time to complete it. These are focused on different goals.

3. Logbook Apps

These applications are what they say. They help to keep a logbook of workouts, how many days a user worked out for, what was the duration of the workouts, how many sets of a particular exercise were done, and a lot of other information. The information helps people to understand if they are going in a positive direction. These applications can be easily made, hence the fitness app development company needs to just be creative and the development can be done easily.

4. Device Pairing Apps

As the name suggests, these applications are paired with a device. There are many wearable fitness devices in the market and they can be integrated with these applications. These applications can reflect the data and an in-depth analysis of a person and their fitness based on the data. Companies hire dedicated developers who make sure that the wearable devices and the app work in the best way for the users.

5. Nutrition Apps

These applications basically monitor the nutrition level of the body. It does that by knowing the calories burned, calories consumed in that day, water balance, etc. These applications can basically record anything that the user wants, even the number of cups of coffee they drink in a day. All of this can be analyzed and then the mobile app development company provides an expert solution about how users can improve their diet and fill it with nutrients.

6. Activity Tracking Apps

Some people think that these applications are for fitness freaks. This is a misconception that the world needs to stop believing. Activity tracking or step counting applications and heart rate counters are not just for people who go to the gym. They are for everyone. Every person in the world walks and hence they need this app to know if they are walking enough or not.

The Cost of Fitness App Development

It is difficult to make an exact estimation of the cost of fitness applications. But a rough estimate can be made. Like all the other applications, the cost of developing healthcare IT solutions totally depends on the number and the complexity of features that the developer wants to put in them. It also depends upon the total time that is taken to develop the app as well as the cost charged by the development team that is hired by the organization.

There are factors such as the design of the app that sometimes end up taking a major portion of the total cost. Design is the toughest and most time as well as cost-consuming part of the development process. Cost also depends on the total number of team members and the development approach taken by the team. Different types of fitness applications take different up different amounts of time and costs during development. It is important to keep the requirements very clear otherwise it also ends up taking a huge time and in turn a huge cost of application development.

The Features of Fitness App Development

1. Account Creation

Accounts hold great importance in fitness applications because they help the user to keep a log of their daily exercises, details, and also help while changing their devices. There are apps that provide competition and contests which is not possible without accounts. Healthcare IT solutions need to be managed properly, and this is only possible when one has an account.

2. Integration With Other Devices

There are a lot of smart wearable available in the market these days and the apps must be compatible with them in order to give the most accurate results. Any reading that is not true to the physical state a human being is experiencing cannot be relied upon at all. Thus apps work in making the perfect possible settings for users and integration with devices helps them in attaining that perfection. A healthcare app development company needs to provide an integrated facility so the users can understand what part of their body, or what habit they have to get rid of.

3. Addition of Personal Information

This involves adding personal information such as age, gender, height, and weight help to get personalized suggestions regarding meals, workouts, and exercises. It results in focusing on a more individual level.

4. Target Setting

Target setting, be it daily or monthly, gives satisfaction and motivation. This helps users in coming back to the application and following a routine. A mobile application development company needs to add features that can attract people back to the app.

5. Configuration of Notifications

Notifications are the prime sources of motivation. The most common issue with fitness is that once enthusiasm and motivation are lost, it becomes very difficult to continue. Catchy notifications help users to remember their pledge of staying fit.


A fitness app development company needs to understand what users want and how they can fulfill it in the best way. These two things are enough to attract new customers and hold the older ones.


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