Have We Become Totally Dependent on Technology Today and Is That So Bad?

Technology can be considered as the building block of the modern world. Everything that we do today is somehow connected to technology. I am not saying that it’s a bad thing. No, technology has been really favourable to us.

The 21st century has been regarded as the most comfortable age to live in. We have every luxury that we could possibly need and we enjoy every bit of it. 

However, there is always this one nagging notion at the back of my mind. And that is whether we have become dependent upon technology? I mean we, as humans, are responsible for building technology. Every technical gadget that we use is built by a human. So, saying that we are dependent on it can’t be right.

Even if it were right to say it, it can’t be wrong. Or can it?

I don’t think I have a straightforward answer to this question. If I had to talk about myself, I would say that there are times during the day, when I feel somewhat guilty for using my gadgets too much. I actually have a device to turn off my bedroom light at night because I am too lazy to do it myself. But that can’t be considered immoral. it ‘s just practical for me.

Do you think that it is fair that we have been given so much technology at our beck and call? What is your take on it?

While you figure that out, I would take the individual aspects of our lives under the microscope. And see how much technology we actually use there and whether that is good or bad?

Our Work

Our offices are filled with technological gadgets everywhere we look. From the laptops to our server rooms, all offices are a haven of technology. And if we want to be able to work efficiently, they have to be. 

My sister owns a small bakery business. Although her business is relatively new and only picking up, her kitchen is a baker’s dream. There are so many appliances and machines that I can’t even name. And she needs every one of them to be able to bake as well as she does.

And there is the marketing side of the business that she handles. She works with a digital marketing agency in India to do that for her. She handles her search engine rankings as well as her social media presence. And technology is heavily involved there as well.

Now, can you really tell me that even one of these things is unnecessary? And the same is the story for each of our workplaces.

Our Homes

Moving on to our homes. They too have technology in every corner. From our small phones to our heated toilet seats, from the hot water to the garden hose, there is technology everywhere. And we need most of it. 

We can’t be expected to live life like it was 1920 and have a candle lighting up our homes. That would be insane. 

I have a treadmill in my home and I am grateful for it. During the COVID induced lockdown, I could not go out for my morning runs, much like many of you. However, our bodies still needed to exercise and technology came to the rescue. 

If there are gadgets and devices available to make our lives easier, why should we not be using them.

Our Children

Do you think our children are learning at a much faster rate than we did? Why do you think that is? Can technology be one to blame? I think yes.

I am a 90s kid and I did not have the kind of opportunities that the kids of today have. Imagine for a second that the pandemic had hit us in the 90s. Would we have recovered like we have done now? I don’t think so. And I am not even talking in terms of medicine. 

Virtual classes were a no-brainer today. Children are not skipping school. They have their schools right on their laptops. However, in the 90s that would not have been possible because computers were a novelty and so was the internet.

In a lockdown, the children and their studies would have suffered a great deal. I mean it would have been put to a halt, with no idea for how long. 

Even entertaining the kids would have been impossible without technology. And you have to agree with me.

The Verdict 

Well, considering all of what we just talked about I have come to the conclusion that technology has actually made us become better versions of ourselves. The kind of accomplishments we have seen in the 21st century, they would have been possible with tech. 

Would we ever have landed on Mars without technology, I don’t think so? I mean we wouldn’t even be able to contact our close family had it not been for technology. So, yeah maybe we are dependent on it. But there is nothing wrong with it. Getting a freshly brewed cup of coffee every day from the espresso machine at your home is refreshing. It is a luxury we should not have to give up on. And it is not like we can’t give it all up, we can but why should we. If I want to sell overseas, I should be able to use technology and that too guilt free.

Technology has done a lot for us. And we should not consider our dependence over it to be negative. The only thing negative about technology is the waste it creates. And we have to find a solution for that instead of blaming the origins.

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