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Hassle-Free Holiday at New Hampshire

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Hello Friends, Clara Dukes this side; I was born in 1997 in New Jersey. I completed my High-School at Princeton High School. The beginning of my school journey starts when I was 3 years old. I was not very good at my studies. I did not feel like studying. Somehow, I completed my graduation at Stevens Institute of Technology. Firstly, I had no experience of travel. I had no idea about the trip. Therefore, I never went anywhere. But I really wanted to go to New Hampshire because I had heard about her beauty many times. After graduation my real life started and that time for me to get out of my comfort zone.

A Sight where I met with my Old Friend “Daniel”

One day in search of a job, I went to a company where I have an interview. But my luck never supports me. All the space in that company was full. Therefore, I was back. Suddenly, I caught sight of an old friend of mine named “Daniel” who also came for an interview there. When we both met and talked, we came to know that he is a travel lover.

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We Went to New Hampshire to explore

After talking for a long time; suddenly we planned to travel somewhere. So we plan to meet in the evening for a discussion about where to go, How to go and when to go. I was eagerly waiting for the evening and when we met in the evening we made sure that we would go to the White Mountains, New Hampshire at the day after tomorrow.

So I did my packing curly a day ago. One day before in the evening Daniel called me and said that the ticket he booked was cancelled due to some reason and tickets are very expensive if we book now. Nevertheless, we try to find the source of cheap tickets. After searching many websites we found Virgin Airlines where our tickets will be booked cheaply. We took help from Home Broadband Services.

The Beauty of Nature in New Hampshire

Then, we reached our destination we booked a hotel first with the help of Goibibo for taking a rest because we both are tired due to the journey. On the next day, we went to the hills and we do many adventurous activities such as sky diving, mountaineering, trekking, and many others. I had enjoyed my trip with my friend Daniel. If you are a travel lover and want to see something incredible, then you should go to New Hampshire even at once.

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