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Handling equipment to be brought to construction sites

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What is a material handling device?

A handling device is usually a motorized or hydraulic device that allows the movement, hooking, and lifting of loads. This equipment can be in the form of a pallet truck, hand truck, stacker, or material lifters. These devices are very often used on industrial sites or logistics platforms to move and lift loads. To buy Industrial Equipment in Dubai visit our website

What is the particularity of a handling device suitable for construction sites?

Unlike industrial sites and logistics platforms, construction sites are very often hilly places, so handling equipment specially designed for this type of environment should be used: construction site handling equipment.

In this sense, these handling devices have some particularities:

Have a physiognomy that allows them to be easily moved on site: additional wheels, folding arms, etc.

Have all-terrain wheels and tires.

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Why use a handling device on a construction site?

Construction or demolition sites are spaces that require the handling of heavy and bulky equipment and materials. Handling devices are therefore perfectly suited to this type of mission in order to transport, load, and lift loads easily and safely. In addition, handling equipment will be ideal for small jobs to move medium loads in tight spaces and difficult to access where large construction machinery would not pass.

Site handling equipment offered by Espace Equipment

To meet all these needs, Espace Equipment offers its customers a wide range of devices to bring to construction sites:

The all-terrain pallet truck: this manual pallet truck can lift loads up to 1.2 tonnes. Robust and versatile, it will safely move heavy and cumbersome palletized loads on all sites.

Material lifter: This material lifter is available in different sizes 3.5m, 5m, and 6.5m. It can lift loads of up to 350 kg, such as place, to a great height using a crank. This equipment is easily transportable on construction sites.

Tire wheel hand truck: fitted with two all-terrain wheels, this multi-purpose hand truck will be perfect on construction sites for manually transporting loads up to 300 kg.

Pallet lifter: This pallet lifter is available in 1 ton, 2 tons, and 3 tons, it is a crane or truck equipment that allows loads to be lifted and moved on a pallet. In addition, this equipment has automatic balancing.

Jib crane: this telescopic and articulated jib easily attaches to a forklift to transform it into a crane. This device is capable of lifting loads up to 3 tons.


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