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Handling Database Downtime the Easier Way

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As a DBA expert, not so many people might seem to appreciate the gruesome work you battle with on a daily basis. Even worse, not all your colleagues will appreciate the relentless efforts in ensuring perfection during database migrations and upgrades. Technically, they do not realize how useful you are to the firm and how closely their success is tied to your work. However, most of them understand black and white database downtime and its possible effects.

Recent research shows that companies incur massive costs of up to $7900 for every minute of database downtime. This figure has constantly risen by over 40% in the last 24 months. Approximately, 80% of these outages are due to human errors. Ideally, most of these human mistakes are associated with release integration exercises, configuration changes, and hands-off problems. The total database downtime for most companies averages 97 hours every year. This not only affects the normal operation of the company but also has significant effects on a firm’s finances. Considering the expected cost, it is agreeable that effective measures should be in place to ensure a reduction in databases downtime. There is no better way of making your colleagues recognize your incessant efforts as a DBA expert than evading database downtime through stringent measures. So what are some of the key measures you can put in place to ensure this? You can also get help from Search Engine Optimization for better results.

  1. It starts with project management

Most remote DBA experts concentrate their efforts on practical executions of upgrades and migrations at the expense of the much important paperwork. Being an expert in this challenging field, it is important to understand the essence of adept project management techniques. The essence of scheduling, prompt communication, and reporting on your progress cannot be overlooked when it comes to controlling database downtime crises. Even more importantly, you need to appreciate resource management when handling critical issues like database downtime. get more about Microsoft access definition.

Simply ignoring these essentials might cost the company during migration or database upgrade procedures. For those with less experience in paperwork, you might need to get insight from the more experienced group of people. Each process of the project should be considered carefully before rolling out the changes.

  • Put your house in order

Nothing can be more dangerous than starting a database migration plan without carefully assessing your working environment. For one, you need to have an idea of all the components that require moving. In addition, you must in a good position to determine the possible effects of such processes on the existing infrastructure. How will it affect the workflows in your environment? What are the possible consequences of the move to the most critical departments in the firm? Unless you figure out everything pertaining to this, you might be in one of those messes that can cost your company millions of dollars.

  • Keep the Key Operations Going

The impacts of database changes or migrations need to be felt after the successful completion of the exercises. Your colleagues will not be happy with you when their daily operations are interrupted because of the move. As such, it is important to work through your schedule to ensure resource-intensive migrations that might have negative impacts on key operations are done during off-working hours. This way, you will be able to carry out successfully the upgrade without necessarily affecting other critical departments in your firm. Ideally, it stretched further the need for prior planning and assessing the possible impacts of an impending database migration or upgrade activity. Get more help from dlp solution providers.

  • Ensure Uniformity and Continuity

For migration processes that might take considerable time, ensure uniformity in your operations. For instance, you should do everything possible to avoid cases where related departments are using different database versions at the same time. It is worse when there is no peaceful co-existence between the varied products of the company during the database migration process. Come up with a plan that will ensure a smooth transition from the old system to the new system.

Ensuring coexistence during the database migration process not only creates a peaceful working environment for others but also ensures effective rolling out of the process. Let this be on top of your priorities and you will never rub shoulders with others during such fundamental processes.

  • The need for backup plan

The worst that can happen during critical exercises like database migration is the loss of users’ essential data. You should always do everything possible to ensure the activities of your company are not crippled because of a catastrophe that could have otherwise been averted. How then can you ensure this? Always have a backup plan in preparation for any eventuality. What is your recovery or a backup plan in case of anything during the migration process? It remains one of the most essential questions you need to answer before rolling out any associated process.

Preferably, this should be figured out earlier to avoid any possible confusion. Upon commencing the database migration process, there might be limited time to think of what to do in case of possible fallout. Whichever way, no data is supposed to go missing during the process. Your prowess as an expert is largely dependent on this. You must always have an idea of restoring data in the course of the process in case of anything.

Outshine your Role

As a DBA expert, you need to ensure that your role in an institution is felt; the right way. Not so many people might be able to appreciate or recognize your efforts but it doesn’t matter. Instead, you should focus on providing quality services and avoiding possible compromises at all costs. Work all round the clock to avoid database downtime, which might cost your company fortunes, especially during critical exercises like database migration and database upgrade. You will not only be able to uphold the integrity of your office but also create a peaceful coexistence between you and your colleagues!


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