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Hampta pass Trek

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Hampta Pass is at 4270 m above sea level on the Himalayan Pir Panjal. The Lahaul Chandra Valley is a small corridor with the Kullu Himachal-Pradesh Valley, India. The trek’s nomenclature is derived from the village of Hampta under the village of Sethan as part of the trek. From May to October Hampta Pass is open to hiking tourists. The other half of the year is too snow-laden to go, and freezing temperatures are below zero. Trekkers are allowed to get some snow from May to June or September to October, and August will become the sunniest month until it starts to rain. The hampta pass walk takes you to the lovely segments of the Dhauladhar region, which is about 35 km long. The walk begins in Manali, bringing you to Chikka, which is 10,000 meters high on the earth. Hampta Pass Trek is a moderate trek on an easy to difficult level. From Manali, at 6.725 ft above sea level, you reach an altitude Hampta Pass Trek is a moderate trek on an easy to difficult level. You leave Manali, where there are 6,725 ft, and in a matter of 4 days, you reach 14,000 ft. But it’s mostly an easy walk across the valley. The trek thus becomes moderate.


You must travel to Jobri by Prini to reach Hampta Pass for 2 days and then to Chatru or Jobri for 1 day if you are an extra-average trekker. You can either rent a bicycle or drive to Hampta. I’d like to ride a bike you need to get a free pass from the SDM office. The real excitement is to move around the sharp 40 curves on the motorcycle. 


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One of the most impressive treks in the Himachal Himachal region is Hampta Pass Trek. The Hampta Pass offers stunning views of the Himalayas’ two different sides. The lush green Kullu valley is on one side of the pass and the strong opposite Lahaul dessert valley on the other. The high altitude Chandratal Lake in Spiti is one of the main highlights of this trek. The trek is moderately difficult and both beginners and experienced trekkers prefer it. During the Hampta pass, the maximum altitude achieved is 4200 m and the total length of the trek is 35 km. The journey is over the famous Rohtang Pass when you return from the trek.


One of India’s most touristy states is Himachal Pradesh. The State has lovely uncontaminated mountains covered with snow that are the main source of tourism. Tourists from all over the world are here to nurture their souls and minds and to cherish the beauty of this beautiful, unspoiled, serene place. The word ‘Hima’ means snow in Sanskrit, which means ‘In the lap of the Himalayas.’ It is also called Himachal Pradesh. For many adventure sports, the state’s mountains are used. One of the people considered to be trekking here.


Some of the famous trekking places for the Himachal Mountains have over 200 defined trekking trails, including a Hampta Pass, a Triund Glaciers (Jalandhar), a Parvati Valley Walk, a Bhabha pass, a Sari Pass, a Beas Kund Trek, a Chamba Trip and a Pin Parvati trek, a Kakeri Lake Trek, etc.


The Hampta Pass is closed because of snow in January. The valley is still narrower and sharper in snowmaking the trail. Due to a drop in temperature, this adventurous trek can become a risky business during the winter. January Hampta Pass isn’t a good idea and can’t even try. You can take a taxi to the base of the Hampta Pass, from Manali, or take a cab. It is 18 kilometers and it will take approximately 2 hours. You can then begin your 2-day Hampta Pass trek. The total distance to pristine valleys is 35 km and you will walk and walk. If you don’t get well prepared, Hampta’s temperature may give you serious chills.


Hampta Pass Trek is considered to be the best trekking spot for beginners and brings thrilling tourists from June to October. While those searching for snow choose this relaxing experience in June, others will start their trip in August.


The Hampta Pass trek is the right place for you when you look for an off-beat hiking destination. You will be fascinated by the spellbinding variations during the journey. Hampta Pass is an ideal place to enrich the nirvana of trekkers with its pristine landscapes, wetlands, lush green passes, and glacial valleys. Don’t miss the amazing Chandrataal Alpine Sea, which is a place you can’t miss on this quiet trek.

June marks the start of the Hampta Pass and is very popular among people enthusiastic about walking around the snow.


Experience walking on the snow’s white patches while enjoying the snow-covered glaciers’ greatness of fantasy. The melting ice will add to the pristine surroundings while the monsoon reaches through to the last week of June.



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