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Hairline lowering surgery

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Hairline lowering surgery includes shrinking the forehead and pushing the slender forward. A single surgical treatment for slender lowering/advancement can decrease an excessively high hair. A woman’s high forehead can be reduced by up to 5cm (2 inches). It is possible to modify the contour of the hairs by filling in the upper temporal/side areas, giving a more feminine appearance when paired with tuft grafting (in a second stage). There are two ways to reduce or advance slenderness. Both are successful procedures that produce modest and natural-looking outcomes for the patient. On the forehead, a suture is used to seal an incision made along the slender. After healing, the outcome is a thin incision scar on your scalp, which is created so that hairs may grow through it. There are more steps involved in this operation than in hair transplantation, but the results are worth it. Sutures are removed within a week in most cases, and most patients recover in two weeks. This technique is quite safe when performed by a qualified physician. Risks and problems are rare, and they are generally readily remedied when they do occur. We don’t have any hazards from general anaesthesia because the operation is done under local anaesthetic and sedation.

Hairline lowering surgery

Forehead reduction is a stand-alone surgery that evolved from scalp reduction and flap techniques.  However, even though Marten has been doing slender lowering for over 25 years, it was his 1999 publication on forehead plasty that first introduced the phrase “frontline lowering” and its surgical implications. 2 When it comes to younger patients, the authors’ experience is focused on resolving disproportion of the top third of the face without brow lifting. When it comes to younger patients, the authors’ experience is focused on resolving the disproportion of the top third of the face without brow lifting. Because the high slender is more common in particular ethnic and race groups, camouflaging hairstyles are ineffective at covering it up, and it is a source of self-consciousness. Patients see the issue as either a high slender or a big forehead, depending on their perspective. In terms of forehead reduction, the hair-lowering operation is a very efficient and effective procedure that yields instant effects. Before the treatment, the scalp should be thoroughly examined for laxity, tuft departure direction, and frontotemporal points and recessions. It’s crucial to consider these factors not only when selecting eligible candidates, but also when assisting patients with preoperative counselling and decision-making during their recovery period. 

Hair lowering surgery includes some steps of procedures. 1. A surgical skin marker will be used to mark the slender and forehead region that will be excised. The tuft follicles and nerves along the slender are carefully preserved during the slender trim. 2. With a local anaesthetic, the entire forehead is numb. 3. On the forehead and slender, a small incision is created (also called the pretrial incision). Skin and connective tissue will be separated and removed by the surgeon with great care.4. Next, a hairs-level incision is pushed down to connect with an eyebrow-level incision. This reduces the space between the eyebrows and the forehead. 5. To reduce scar development, the skin is sutured together in such a way that the slender covers the sutured area almost entirely. Be aware that although forehead reduction surgery can lower one’s forehead height and alter eyebrow look, it does not inevitably elevate the eyebrows as a result. Forehead reduction surgery might be performed in conjunction with another procedure known as a brow lift, should it be necessary.

As a result of local anaesthetic and intravenous sedation, slender lowering is usually performed as an outpatient procedure. An excessive amount of forehead and/or scalp tissue is removed and the scalp is repositioned such that it is flush with the new hairs. If you want to get this procedure then our hair transplant clinic in Lahore Pakistan is offering this kind of surgery at an economical price. 


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