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Hair Transplant Surgery techniques for baldness

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Hair translation process is a very fast channel in Aesthetic Surgery which is associated with the techniques under regular improvements to cover the scalp area of baldness. Follicular Unit Grafts (FUG) have converted work into better. Its results provide the capacity for people to cover baldness by surgery. The main objectives of it are the identification of anatomical structures, contraindications and indications of it. It explains appearance, arrangement and technique for it. There are some effective treatments for hair fall but in future hairs can’t fall. That’s why people use transplantation. It has many advantages like better natural results for the patient. Many doctors can perform this procedure easily.


2.     Types.

Hair Transplantation process has two major types:

Follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS). The doctor removes the skin strips of the donor and covers the incision by stitches. Microscope is used to dissect the skin of the donor into small follicular units. Which has one or more follicles and added into the bald area. Follicular unit extraction (FUE). In this procedure, the doctor uses a small punch to remove donor follicles. But this process is not promoted yet.

3.     Properties.

Both these techniques are very effective, but both these show varied results in few cases. It is said that FUE demands more skills and requires longer time than FUSS. But it is noted that if the doctor has experience to perform this technique, FUE may create better results. In various cases, doctors use the back of the head for grafts. However, these can be obtained from the chin, back, or chest can also prove effective. Body hairs are another best donor area for those people who do not have enough scalp donor area in the back and sides of head.

4.     Benefits.

Follicular unit extraction has many benefits. So, it is used mostly. The benefits of increasing grafts are harvestable. The bald person’s hairstyle does not have an effect. The site of donor laxity and density both are not necessary obstacles. It is easy to decrease pain and healing time after surgery. But on the other hand, Follicular unit strip surgery also has benefits. These benefits are that surgeons can operate in a short time, low follicles rate transection and learning rate.

5.     Effects.

There are some effects of surgery i.e., mental illness, unrealistic expectations, unusual hair loss pattern, donor’s site miniaturization, excessive shedding, much broken hairs, scalp inflammation, unexplained scarring and scalp or skin pain, even burning, pruritus.

6.     Complications.

Some complications which are created after surgery are in rare cases i.e., providing the athletic blood-supply to the scalp that give permission for fast healing and the low infection rates. Potential complications are edema (5%), bleeding (0.5%), folliculitis, swelling of the scalp, telogen effluvium, epidermal cysts and ingrown hair and infection.

7.     Conclusion.

In the latest technology, hair surgery has many Choices for people but mostly easy techniques are used for it. So, it is very necessary to make a team. Due to the complexities of it a single doctor can’t do it. Everything is performed very carefully to protect from infections. A comfortable ambience in the operating room and use of audio-visual entertainment break the monotony, both for the patient and the surgical team. Hair transplant clinic Lahore Pakistan has all these facilities so that five to six hours duration in the operation theater will be pleasant for patient and surgical team.


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