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Hair Implants Cost

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The hair implants cost could also be a decisive criterion to own the procedure or not for a few patients. Much of the time, hair implant isn’t covered by protection, in this manner all the costs patients pay themselves. So, a high worth of hair implants (transplant) operation forces individuals to seek cheaper choices, usually accessible overseas.

In this article I will show you the 5 best countries that offer hair transplantation, that are of the best quality, and least expensive.

Hair Implants Cost

These countries are listed as:

·         Turkey

·         UAE (United Arab Emirates)

·         Lithuania

·         Poland

·         Pakistan

The hair implant procedure is obtaining a lot of youthful men and ladies every year as a result of it permitting a lot of engagement and youth, turning into a lot of assuredness. In the progression with ISHRS, around 635,000 hair relocate systems are performed overall yearly. The opposition between facilities is developing, so they are compelled to attract new patients, lowering the hair surgery cost.

The best hair implants cost in Turkey

Starting $1,500

As IMTJ reports, 750,000+ medical tourists from one hundred forty-four (144) countries select Turkey for treatment annually. The nation draws in patients from over the world with:

·         Payable costs: The hair implants cost in Turkish medical centers is one amongst all-time low amongst most of the world clinics. As an instance, the value of the procedure in Turkish clinics starts from $1,500, Swiss — $9,100, in German — $4,500, in South Korean — $3,900,  the United States of America — up to $15,000.

·         Packages: The Turkish clinics supply not just cheap costs however conjointly offer a patient with further services (an accommodation, a transfer, language assistance) that are already enclosed within the worth.

Hair implants cost in the UAE

Starts from $1,360

Medical tourism within the UAE is speedily growing. Solely DUBAI receives over 320,000 international patients annually. And this range is tending to grow. Hair restoration surgery is among those procedures because inward patients attend the UAE. The worth of the procedure appears quite cheap — ranging from $1,360.

However, note that this value covers a just minimum variety of grafts, therefore the value to correct the advanced baldness is also higher.

Hair implants cost in Lithuania

Starting at approx. price $3,400

Lithuania is a member of the European Union however the costs here are concerning twenty-fifth (25th) below in Western European countries. It deals with accommodation, medical services and food.

For example, the common worth staying in Berlin (Germany) is $118, whereas in Vilnius — concerning $65.

The hair implants cost is additionally cheap. The value of the procedure in Lithuania is $3,500, in European country (Germany) — $4,500, in European country is even

additional higher — up to $9,000.

Hair implants cost in Poland

Starting $4,700

One more country in Europe wherever you’ll be able to realize an inexpensive hair implants cost is Poland. The price for the hair plantation in the Republic of Poland is from $4,800. It’s two times cheaper than in Switzerland and also that of the USA.

Hair implants cost in Pakistan

Starting $750

According to IMTJ, Pakistan accepts over 460,000 medical tourists each year. Hair implants cost and different cosmetic procedures are among reasons why patients visit the country. Hair implants costs in Pakistan are extremely affordable.

The cost of the procedure ranges $750-$1,350. And this is often one of the foremost cheap offers in the world.


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