Hair Growth Through Hair Restoration Surgery possible

 As you know your hair enhances your personality, wakes you up and represents your ultimate health. This is the most important part of us that people take notice first and test your personality. You’re growing and healthy hair has a promising effect on your self-esteem. Healthy growth is a sign of confidence that allows others to take you in a positive way. Thus, hair growth is really very important to you even when you are fifty years old or more as it promotes your self confidence in every field. So, it’s ensured that when your strands start falling you should need treatment to overcome this problem to look sharp, healthy and confident. Losing your hair can have a serious and negative effect on your self-esteem. Hair loss is common across all genders. It is also known as alopecia and it starts at any age when a person enters adulthood. It is usually a natural part of aging. We have thousands of follicles on the surface of our scalp. As hair falls out new ones replace them. But if for some reason or an injury follicles become damaged and the result can bereceding hairline. Almost 50 million men and 30 million women have lost at least some hair. It’s common when the age is 50 and today it is starting from a very early age (20 or above) due to stress, bad care, illness, childbirth, hormonal imbalance and hereditary signals which is common in both men and women.

Hair Growth Through Hair Restoration Surgery possible

 Hair care is important for not only our appearance but also for our hygiene. So, if you are losing your strand, you should get a medical treatment. Here listed two main surgical methods through which we can make our hair beautiful and thicker again even when we are fifty years old or more than it. We can also get on our head in that area where we didn’t have hair before. Hair restoration is actually a treatment that may help people who are balding. It is considered as the most recommended technique in surgical hair restoration. So, the two surgical methods are FUT (follicular unit transplantation) and FUE (follicular unit extraction). FUT is also called follicular strip surgery. In this strip procedure, the surgeon removes a small strip of tissues from the back of head or scalp then with a microscope the strip gets divided into separate grafts. As these follicular unit grafts are being prepared the surgeon makes many tiny holes in the scalp known as slits where grafts are placed. Grafts contain one hair each and the surgeon inserted them into slits. After this the surgical sites are covered with bandages or gauze. This whole processing in FUT is called grafting. After FUT our hair’s larger baldness areas can be covered with a few sessions. It gives permanent natural look and also resists giving a plugger or unnatural look. It’s also considered time beneficial. FUE is similar to FUT to some extent as it also involves extracting individual follicles one by one from the donor’s back of head. Then these individual follicles are then implanted in treated or affected areas. FUE offers a way to regrow on your head with a natural look and less pain. FUE brings you amazing results! FUE results in more natural appearance than any conventional micrograph because of the thickness of implants by follicular units.

 FUT and FUE may each take several hours to several days to complete. Both methods involve risk of scarring so to avoid this the patient should have followed some precautions by the surgeon to avoid any side effects. Hair restoration may be a good option for those who have baldness. It can help restore hair fullness and self confidence in every occasion. The best hair transplant clinic in Lahore Pakistan is treating male and female pattern alopecia for the last twenty years successfully.

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