HadopI law: how to avoid getting caught?

Today all-out and illegal downloads are being regularized on the Internet. That said, there is a law that penalizes the illegal downloading of movies, series, software or songs. The institution which is in charge of this fight is HadopI law. By illegally downloading these works protected by copyright, you risk penalties that can even go to a fine of 1500 euros. However, there are tips to help you avoid falling into their trap. Here is how to avoid getting caught by the HadopI law device.

HadopI law: Plan of the article

Turn to VPNs
Use anything that will hide your IP address
Other methods not to be fooled

Turn to VPNs

You can find out more about HadopI law (High Authority for the Diffusion of Works and the Protection of Rights on the Internet) on this site . But, remember that this institution will track you down if you download other people’s works from the Internet without them being remunerated. However, you have the option to bypass this feature. First, you can use a VPN . With this tool that you will install on your computer, you will create a private network in order to confuse the issue. With the VPN, it is as if you are not browsing in your country, but from foreign soil. Thus, it is impossible for us to trace it back to you.

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On the other hand, it is essential that you install the Kill Switch function on your VPN. So, as soon as your VPN encounters a problem, this function will block any exchange with the Internet. Moreover, if you have the necessary expertise, you can encrypt all your exchanges. In addition, you can use Tor to remove all traces of activity that you perform on the Internet.

HadopI law: Use anything that will hide your IP address

Besides VPN, you can use streaming to hide your internet presence . Indeed, on this site, your IP addresses are not visible and HadopI law can never catch you. Also, you are not even in violation in his eyes. You can then download whatever you want with complete freedom. To avoid getting spotted, you can also use secure P2P software . Besides, you can also do your internet activities through BitTorrent trackers . Here, P2P file sharing is done under the guidance of the Tracker.

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In addition, you will have more peace of mind when using online music sites . Here you will have the possibility to listen to a multitude of songs online without breaking the HADOPI law. With this trick, you can create your own playlist and grab your mp3 files from these sites using some software.

Other methods not to be fooled

Apart from the methods mentioned, you can also download directly .The files you will have to download are available on the hosts’ servers. With this download way, you will not only not be stopped, but you will be able to download multiple movies, documentaries, etc. You can also play on stealth by using public Wi-Fi to connect. There, it is not your IP address that is displayed, but that of the owner. With all these tips, the HADOPI law although it exists will be non-existent for you.

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