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Technology inefficiencies said to damage and delay the return of gyms profit and performance post Covid-19

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Operators of gyms of all sizes are experiencing struggles with the opening and performance to profit of their organizations.

A number of aspects are to responsible such as;

  • The set up of new memberships being manual and time consuming.
  • Chasing payments and second payment requests being inaccurate and again time consuming
  • Not seeing the correct up to date insights at the exact time you need them.
  • Bespoke membership payments is an extra timely function.
  • Not having the help on hand from suppliers costing time and frustration for staff and members.

Current methods of these transactions

Require multiple transactions and separate systems working together (frankenstack) and using multiple suppliers. New methods and a faster more efficient way of gaining better results are to switch to a new end-to-end gym management software system, making the same transactions in one smoother way.

With this style of a single-use software upgrade, you will ensure you have the fastest, up-to-date information recorded in real-time at the touch of a button and accessible by each staff member saving time and resources.

Members can also access their own accounts to input data, set up their own payment schedule, and book classes and PT sessions. The ultimate persuasion to keep existing members and grow your business, who doesn’t love the flexibility and to manage their own time!

This new technology,

Also allows you as gym operators and managers to be able to see members patterns and habits which will help you when thinking about class times and most desired fitness trends, even the time of day each member prefers to use the gym all letting you put a really bespoke feel in place for each member.

It doesn’t stop at the members either, with the ability to use real-time features you can quickly see members’ payment status. No more chasing payments, inaccuracies on accounts, uncalculated balances, and costly team time.

The biggest benefit for gym operators

Is that this cuts out chasing failed payments and second attempts for subscriptions, these are now all taken care of for you through one single piece of equipment. This means you can manage your cash flow and claw back any lost revenue directly to your bottom line.

Life for everyone has changed since the pandemic in one way or another

Especially around routines and exercise. The whole nation has now fallen in love with outdoor exercise and home workouts done at their own convictions. New work routines and lifestyle choices. This means working from home for lots will be an ongoing occurrence and gyms closer. To work destinations will be changed for ones closer to home (some even canceled completely). It’s going to be a challenge for gyms of all sizes to fully recover and as quickly as desired.

Having the flexibility and giving the members the choice and freedom through newer technology. State-of-the-art equipment, new classes, and offering incentives through discounts and loyalty schemes will only benefit your success. Keeping the staff and members happy and engaged is key. After all, that would become a gym without its staff and members!


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