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Guidelines to Grow Wildflowers

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The beauty of wildflowers can make your plot look colorful, vibrant, and take just a few weeks to bloom.

Decide When to Plant

Generally, wildflower seeds will germinate when the temperature of the soil is around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Planting your wildflower seed mix when the climate is too cold can delay or prevent their growth.

Usually, springtime is ideal, but it might be best to wait until fall if you live in hot areas. Be sure to check the soil temperatures before planting a wildflower mix.

Prepare the Soil

Preparation is key if you want your wildflowers to grow properly. It’s a good idea to clear your soil of any weeds and plants that could compete with your wildflowers; remove their roots to avoid future regrowth.

Plant your seeds in an area where water does not sit stagnant after heavy rainfall. In order for your wildflower seed mix to grow, the soil needs to drain well. Most wildflowers require at least six hours of sunlight too.

Scatter Your Seeds

Once you’ve prepared the soil, mix your wildflower seeds with dry sand, using a ratio of one part seed to eight parts sand. Mixing the seeds with sand will help them spread better. Scatter your seed-sand mix across the area as evenly as possible.

Press Down the Seeds

Press your wildflower seed mix into the soil to ensure good contact between the seeds and the soil. This improves the germination process and prevents wind or water from washing the seeds away. 

You can compress the seeds by gently pressing your shoe into the soil or using a piece of cardboard. If you have a larger area, you can use a seed roller.

Water the Wildflowers

After plating your wildflower seeds, you need to keep them well hydrated until they’re around 4-6 inches tall. This is especially important if your area does not see large amounts of rainfall.

Water the seeds every morning to ensure their growing roots are well-nourished and hydrated. After 4-6 weeks, developed roots are strong enough to take up groundwater.

Watch Your Wildflowers Grow

Visible growth begins after just 1-3 weeks, but it can take around 6-12 weeks for the wildflower seeds to reach full growth. You may want to buy different varieties to keep your garden looking interesting or plant a wildflower seed mix to create a paved pathway through your meadow.


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